All About Honda Civic Econ Mode

Honda Civic’s Econ mode is just one of Honda’s tools to improve driving habits while enhancing fuel efficiency. Click here to learn more!
Written by Jessica Gibson
Reviewed by Hillary Kobayashi
The Honda Civic Econ mode minimizes harsh acceleration by adjusting the throttle and climate control systems. This mode encourages safer driving habits and can enhance fuel efficiency.
Most vehicle manufacturers offer an Econ or Eco mode, and Honda is no exception. The idea is that Econ mode helps you pay attention to aggressive driving habits that eat up a lot of gas. It also adjusts the throttle and shifting system so you’ll notice a change in your Civic’s handling. 
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What is Honda Civic Econ mode?

Most new Hondas offer Econ mode, which encourages safe driving while improving fuel efficiency.
Here’s what Econ mode does:
  • Adjusts the car’s throttle response, so it doesn’t accelerate harshly 
  • Limits the shifting behavior
  • Reduces A/C system capacity
  • Reduces the fuel injection
These might not seem like drastic measures, and they’re not! But these subtle adjustments to your car’s driving system improve fuel efficiency.
Econ mode also encourages safer driving habits. For instance, you won’t be able to put the pedal to the metal to accelerate. Harsh acceleration and slamming on the brakes can be dangerous (and tough on your Civic).
Econ mode isn’t the only system Honda offers to enhance fuel efficiency. Newer Civics have Eco Assist, a meter on the dash that changes color to reflect your driving style. If it’s green, great! You’re maximizing your fuel efficiency. If it’s blue-green, you’re moderately accelerating and decelerating. If the bars are blue, the Civic recognizes aggressive acceleration and deceleration.
Honda’s Eco Drive system is similar to Eco Assist, but it uses bars to illustrate when you accelerate or decelerate. Glance at this bar to see if it extends while you’re driving. If it does, try to ease up on the pedal.
Key Takeaway Honda Civic Econ mode is just one tool that helps you notice your driving habits. Remember, smooth acceleration and deceleration really improve your fuel efficiency!

Does Honda Civic Econ mode save fuel?

Honda doesn’t claim that Econ mode reduces fuel consumption. According to Consumer Reports, it’s a myth that Econ mode drastically saves on gas. 
In fact, their tests showed that at most, you might save two or three mpg. If you prefer to do your own testing, track your fuel consumption and trip mileage using your digital instrument cluster.

Does Honda Civic Econ mode charge the battery?

No, Econ mode doesn’t have the ability to charge your Honda Civic’s battery. It does charge other Honda plug-in hybrids like the Honda Clarity, though.

What’s the difference between Honda Normal, Sport, and Econ mode?

Your Honda Civic operates in Normal mode, which is designed to make for smooth driving and efficient performance by default. This option is a good choice for normal street driving. 
If you press the Sport mode, the power steering, agile handling assist, and drive-by-wire throttle all give sharper responses when you’re zipping along. 
Econ mode dampens the climate control system and throttle to encourage steadier driving and enhance fuel efficiency.
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How to turn Honda Civic Econ mode on and off

All it takes is the push of a button to activate and deactivate Econ mode. Look to the left of the steering wheel for a little button that says “Econ.” Press it to turn it on and you’ll see a leafy symbol illuminate on the dash. 
Press it again to turn it off. It’s that simple!

Is Honda Civic Econ mode worth it?

It depends on your driving goals. If you’re trying to improve your driving habits and practice safety, the Econ mode can make you more aware of when you’re trying to quickly accelerate or shift. This might remind you to gradually accelerate or decelerate instead of slamming your foot down on the pedal.
If you’re trying to save on gas, you might be disappointed that you don’t notice a bigger difference with Econ mode. You might notice a two or three-mpg improvement, but it’s not a game changer. If you’re looking for Honda’s most fuel-efficient vehicle, check out the Honda Insight or Honda Clarity.
You’ll probably notice a big change in highway driving since Econ mode makes acceleration and passing jerky. If smooth acceleration and an enjoyable driving experience are important to you, Econ mode might drive you a little crazy.
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