Acura Resale Value

To get the best value for your Acura, you should sell it within five years of ownership.
Written by Mariza Morin
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Selling your Acura within five years of ownership may result in receiving over 50% of the original value of your vehicle. But factors such as your exact model, current mileage and condition, as well as market demand should also be evaluated to get an accurate overview of the worth of your Acura. 
Acura is known for producing vehicles with excellent safety features, top performance, and luxury looks that make them a reliable option for drivers. But now may be the time for you and your Acura to go your separate ways. If you’re planning on reselling, it’s crucial to figure out the depreciation rate in order to establish your vehicle’s resale value.
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What goes into determining my Acura’s resale value?

From daily commuting to long road trips, you and your Acura have endured many experiences together over the years. But it’s important to contemplate how you’ve handled your vehicle in order to calculate the resale value of your Acura. The following factors should be considered:
  • Depreciation: The second you drive home with your new Acura, your vehicle will immediately depreciate. Certain Acura models retain their resale value, while other models may depreciate beyond 55% within five years of ownership. 
  • Mileage: The mileage on your vehicle can have an immediate impact on its condition. Once you go over the 100,000-mile mark, you may have a difficult time trying to resell it. It’s best to maintain a limit of 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year on your Acura. 
  • Accident history: Even if an accident isn’t your fault, it can influence your Acura’s resale value. Even if you fully repair your vehicle, the value can sink down between 15% and 30% after an accident.
  • Model popularity: Have an
    Acura RDX
    or an
    Acura RLX
    ? You may have a better time selling these popular Acura models as they generally hold their value as demand in the market goes up.
  • Interior and exterior conditions: How are you taking care of your Acura? The newer your Acura appears, the more likely you'll see a bigger payoff. Any type of evident imperfections, like huge dents or neglected repairs, will critically impact your vehicle’s value.
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Resale value vs. trade-in value

Another question to ask yourself before you go any further: should I trade in my vehicle or sell it? Each approach is different, so let's take a closer look at each definition. A trade-in deals with trading in your used car for a particular amount that’s used against your new car purchase from the dealership. 
That said, reselling your Acura may lead to a considerable reward, although this approach will involve additional work on your part if you’re considering selling your vehicle privately. Dealerships can help you assess your vehicle and give you advice on bringing your Acura up to standard, but figuring out how to fix up your own car before reselling it is priority number one. 

What is the MSRP of my Acura?

What was your Acura’s worth when you first took it for a test drive? Before you pursue reselling or trading in your vehicle, you must first figure out the original MSRP of your Acura.
Kelley Blue Book's price guide
is a great resource.
Key Takeaway To know your Acura's worth, consider factors like its original MSRP, specific model type, current condition, accident history, and how old it is before reselling your vehicle. 

How does wear and tear affect my Acura’s value?

Your Acura’s current physical condition is a vital factor when determining its resale value—and it’s completely within your control! Follow a
basic maintenance schedule
closely to increase your vehicle’s resale value. Doing so will help you avoid a massive hit on your Acura’s overall value. 
Usually, the value of your vehicle can lower by $2,500 for every $5,000 you spend on repairs resulting from an accident. If you are considering selling your car by yourself or as a trade-in, don’t forget to consult
Acura’s maintenance schedule
to ensure your vehicle retains its value. 
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How to calculate the resale value of your car

The condition of Acura models will differ, but you can still evaluate how the resale value of your vehicle stacks up. You can use this
handy tool
to calculate the worth of your Acura.
To get a rough idea of how your Acura compares to other models, you’ll need to determine the depreciation value. Car Edge rates the Acura RLX as a top contender regarding its long-term value—depreciating by 47% after five years of ownership with a resale value of $31,815.
Be aware that your model’s age can play a big part when assessing the resale value of your Acura. Other significant components include your vehicle’s current condition and mileage.
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The bottom line: is my Acura worth reselling?

After you’ve figured out your Acura’s original MSRP and current condition, mileage, and depreciation—do you still want to sell it? If you purchased your Acura in the last five years and added less than 15,000 miles to it per year, and if the car is overall in good condition, then you may get a sizable payoff if you decide to sell your vehicle privately.
But if your Acura doesn’t quite meet these standards, think about making minor tweaks to your used vehicle to get as much value from it as possible when you go to sell

How to prep your Acura for resale 

If you’re thinking about reselling your Acura, make sure you can get the greatest value out of it that you possibly can. Before you resell your vehicle to the new owner, prep your vehicle using these steps:
  • Detail your vehicle before anything else. Make sure to clean every inch of your Acura to attract potential buyers. First impressions are everything, after all!
  • Complete routine maintenance. Take your vehicle in for maintenance once more before reselling it. Get your oil changed and tires rotated, aligned, and balanced prior to putting it out on the market. 
  • Assemble the original parts. Gather all manuals, keys, and other accessories that came equipped with your Acura. They will have to go with their next owner.
Planning beforehand will put you in a great position for a considerable return on your vehicle. If your vehicle was properly maintained, it will make the next owner feel reassured that their new-ish Acura was in good hands previously. 

Finding cheap Acura insurance 

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The Acura RLX and Acura RDX currently have the highest resale value among Acura models.
Your Acura’s worth is established by several important factors, like the model type, physical condition (interior and exterior), mileage, and depreciation. You can see what the appraisal value is for your Acura with this
useful tool
from Edmunds.
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