Oklahoma License Plates

Ride in style with customized Oklahoma license plates, from college license plates to show school pride to a NASCAR plate with your favorite driver’s number.
Written by Christelle Agustin
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Make your car all about you with one of Oklahoma’s many specialty license plates. With unique designs, colors, and logos, your car is sure to stand out from the rest.
License plates don’t just have to be boring sheets of metal. Fortunately, if you live in Oklahoma, you can choose from a wide range of license plate options. Whether you want the world to know about your love for fast cars and NASCAR, or your commitment to Breast Cancer Awareness—there’s bound to be a customized license plate for you.
Find out the importance of license plates, the types of specialty license plates Oklahoma offers, how to get them, and how to find
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What are Oklahoma license plates and why do I need them?

License plates are like your access cards to the road. If you don’t have one, not only will you get suspicious looks from other drivers, but you’ll be breaking the law—so they’re vital to being a vehicle owner!
More importantly, license plates allow police officers and fellow drivers to identify you if a collision or car theft has occurred. Without a license plate, it would be hard to trace your car back to you. 
To avoid issues, make sure your Oklahoma license plate is clearly displayed on your car’s rear. No need for a front license plate. As long as your plate isn’t obstructed, you’re set.

What license plates does Oklahoma have?

There are two types of Oklahoma license plates:
  • Standard plates
    are the plates you’re used to seeing when you’re out on the road. Most of them are sky blue with a white silhouette of Oklahoma’s state bird.
  • Special interest plates
    are customized plates that include particular logos and colorways that represent certain organizations.

Standard license plates

  • “Oklahoma” plates: These eye-catching blue plates represent Oklahoma’s connection to nature by including a silhouette of the scissor-tailed flycatcher, the state bird.
  • “Explore Oklahoma” plates: Discontinued in March 2022, these plates are the same as the standard plates, except the text above the license plate number reads “Explore Oklahoma.”

Specialty license plates

All specialty license plates cost a fee for both the first-time purchase and renewal. They include:
  • Educational
    :From fraternities and sororities to your alma mater, show your school pride while you drive.
  • Tribal
    : Are you part of the Chickasaw or Choctaw Nation? Bring a photocopy of your Tribal ID and you can snag one of these personalized plates. 
  • Civil Service
    : Whether you’re a firefighter or municipal official, the work you do can be recognized by the community!
  • Disability
    : If you’re a disabled person, you’re eligible for a license plate that features the signature symbol of access. This will allow you to park in designated disabled parking spaces.
  • Military
    : Whether you served in the Air Force or received a medal of honor, you can pick from dozens of specialty plates that show your participation in the military.

Special interest license plates

Special interest license plates are dedicated to special causes, organizations, and clubs. Whether you’re a member of an organization or just want to support a good cause, there’s a large selection to choose from. A portion of all fees goes to their respective organizations. 
Here are some of the available special interest plates in Oklahoma:
  • Antique:Owners of antique cars or motorcycles can own a special plate for their vintage vehicles. Vehicles must be at least 25 years old to qualify. 
  • NASCAR: Show your love for racing with a license plate that includes the NASCAR logo. Have a favorite driver? You can have their racing number on your plate, too. 
  • Health awareness: Spread awareness of a cause near and dear to your heart, including Autism Awareness, Fight Breast Cancer, and Multiple Sclerosis Society. 
  • Environmental: Calling all animal lovers! You can support the conservation of wild species—like bass, deer, and turkey—while showing off a beautiful animal on your license plate.
For the price of each specialty and special interest license plate, take a look at Oklahoma’s
Specialty Plates Catalog
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How do I get an Oklahoma license plate?

Getting a license plate in Oklahoma entails different steps depending on whether you’re a new Oklahoma resident or not.

Getting a license plate in Oklahoma as a new car owner

New car owners must register their vehicles in person at a local
OTC tag agent office
. You must bring the following documents:
  • A completed Application for Oklahoma Certificate of Title for a Vehicle (
    Form 701-6
  • Proof of ownership, such as a
    certificate of title
  • License plate from your previous vehicle (if you have it)
  • Lien documentation (if applicable)
  • Odometer disclosure statement, if the vehicle is nine-years-old or less (can be included on transferred title)
  • $96 registration + $11 title fee
If your car is used or bought from another state, the tag agent will inspect your VIN and/or odometer before giving you a title certificate.

Renewing your Oklahoma license plate

Existing car owners who need to renew their license plates can do so online, by mail, or in person
Renewing your license plate online is simple and requires the following information:
  • Last 4 digits of your vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • License plate/tag number
  • Car insurance information
  • Agriculture Exemption Permit (SMX) number (if applicable)
  • Payment of $26 to $96 (the longer your car has been registered, the lower the fee)
If you prefer to renew your license plate via mail or in-person, send the following documents to OK Tax Commission, P.O. Box 26940,
Oklahoma City
, OK 73126, or bring them to your
local Oklahoma tag agent
  • Your registration renewal notice, OR
  • Your VIN, Oklahoma title number, or license plate number
  • Proof of car insurance policy
  • Renewal feepayment
If you decide to buy a new vehicle, you must transfer your license plate to it. And if you’re eligible, don’t forget to apply for a disabled parking plate!
After your license plate is up-to-date, next on the agenda is car insurance. Oklahoma drivers must meet the state’s
minimum liability insurance requirements
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Oklahoma has 33 standard license plates, including license plates for passenger cars, motorcycles, farm trucks, and historical vehicles.
No. Oklahoma license plates only need to be attached to the rear of the vehicle and unobstructed, so that they can be easily read.
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