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Car Insurance for Chevrolet

On average, Chevrolet drivers pay $1,704 each year for car insurance. But depending on the model you have, your insurance rates could vary. A Caprice Classic LTZ costs $1,018 more more per year to insure than a Avalanche Ltz.
Founded over 100 years ago, the Chevrolet brand has been one of the best-selling American car manufacturers since its debut in 1911. It was purchased by General Motors in 1917 and has since been marketed as the mainstream value brand of their lineup. Chevrolet’s are a solid choice for drivers looking for a reliable, safe, and efficient ride.
If choosing to purchase a Chevrolet, you’ll need to have the right car insurance coverage to protect it.
Insurance premiums are determined by the model you choose, alongside factors unique to you. Thankfully, Jerry is there to help you keep the coverage and find savings. Jerry contacts your insurance company to get the details of your current coverage so you don’t have to scale a mountain of questions. You get all the best prices and coverage with none of the legwork.
Here are some real quotes from Jerry customers who saved money when insuring their Chevrolet.
Quote DateCarLocationZip CodeNameAgeCarrier
Before Jerry
After Jerry
April 27, 2022Chevrolet Impala LSBumpass, VA23024Jesse E.28Progressive$110/mo.$61/mo.
May 5, 2022Chevrolet Silverado C1500 LSLiberal, KS67901Elijah W.29Progressive$162/mo.$79/mo.
May 11, 2022Chevrolet Impala LSEverett, WA98204Lewis F.42Progressive$163/mo.$102/mo.
April 28, 2022Chevrolet Malibu LTAlton, IL62002Loretta W.44Clearcover$186/mo.$128/mo.
May 13, 2022Chevrolet Malibu LTZAthens, GA30606Ronald C.39Assurance America$200/mo.$156/mo.
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Insurance for Chevrolet models

Insurance premiums for Chevrolets can vary substantially based on the car’s age and model, even though they have the same make.

Insurance for Chevrolet based on the year of the car

Sure, a new car might be beautiful and shiny and clean—but it won’t get you the lowest insurance rate. Thanks to depreciation, older cars tend to have lower insurance premiums.
According to Edmunds, a new car loses 23.5% of its value in the first year and 60% of its value in the first five years. And the less your car is worth, the less it costs to repair or replace if you need to make a claim. For you, this means insurance savings.
Drivers with newer cars also tend to lease or finance their vehicles and therefore must have full-coverage insurance. You’ll always pay more for full coverage than for just the mandatory minimum insurance required by your state.
According to Jerry’s internal data, the cheapest years for Chevrolets are 1985 and 1986.
The most expensive years for Chevrolets are 2019 and 2020.
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
2022$2,813$767Compare Prices
2021$3,001$842Compare Prices
2020$3,205$948Compare Prices
2019$3,265$977Compare Prices
2018$3,200$960Compare Prices
2017$3,128$945Compare Prices
2016$2,965$909Compare Prices
2015$3,009$957Compare Prices
2014$2,850$917Compare Prices
2013$2,853$925Compare Prices
2012$2,724$924Compare Prices
2011$2,714$975Compare Prices
2010$2,562$888Compare Prices
2009$2,582$936Compare Prices
2008$2,352$827Compare Prices
2007$2,475$833Compare Prices
2006$2,223$770Compare Prices
2005$2,232$772Compare Prices
2004$2,186$741Compare Prices
2003$2,249$791Compare Prices
2002$2,208$783Compare Prices
2001$2,287$805Compare Prices
2000$2,201$741Compare Prices
1999$1,813$615Compare Prices
1998$1,860$643Compare Prices
1997$1,798$618Compare Prices
1996$1,997$749Compare Prices
1995$1,767$618Compare Prices
1994$1,672$564Compare Prices
1993$1,811$598Compare Prices
Key Takeaway Since older Chevrolets typically cost less to repair or replace than newer ones and may not be leased or financed, they tend to have cheaper insurance rates.
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

Insurance for different models of Chevrolet

Since different models have different repair and replacement costs, the type of Chevy you choose can have a big impact on your insurance costs.
In general, more expensive cars require bigger payouts from insurers—which means bigger insurance premiums for you. Smaller cars and sedans have lower starting prices and cheaper repair costs, making them cheaper to insure compared to their larger counterparts.
As Chevrolet’s largest SUV, the Suburban has one of the highest average insurance rates for the brand. This is due to its larger size, pricier starting point, and premium features.
Conversely, the smaller Equinox will be one of the cheaper Chevrolet models to insure. It’s a compact crossover—meaning it is cheaper to insure than other SUVs—and its included safety features help offset costs.
If you want to learn more about car insurance costs for some of the most popular Chevrolet models, check out the links below.
Key Takeaway Your car model affects your insurance rates. The more expensive the car, the more insurance generally costs.
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

Full coverage vs. minimum coverage for your Chevrolet

The rate you pay to insure your Chevrolet will depend on the coverage you select. Each state has its own minimum insurance requirements that you must meet to legally hit the road.
These liability coverage requirements will protect other drivers if you are involved in an at-fault accident, but they won’t protect you or your vehicle.
Minimum coverages typically include:
Coverage typeProtection offered
Bodily injury liability (per person and accident)Pays for the costs associated with the injuries you’ve caused to others
Property damage liability (per accident)Pays for the costs associated with the damage you cause to other people’s vehicles or property
Uninsured or underinsured motorist protection is also required in some states to cover damages if you’re in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver.
Your state may also require personal injury protection (PIP) to pay for your medical expenses—especially if you live in a no-fault state.
While these are mandatory, it’s usually best to purchase additional coverage for your Chevy if you can afford it. Even a relatively minor accident can result in thousands of dollars of damage and medical bills. If you’re at fault but don’t have enough coverage, you will be held liable for paying the costs out-of-pocket.
If you’re leasing or financing a Chevrolet, you may be required to purchase full-coverage insurance. It’s also a good idea to opt for full coverage if you can’t afford to replace your car if it’s totaled.
Full coverage insurance typically includes:
Coverage typeProtection offered
Collision coverageCovers the costs associated with collisions with another vehicle or object
Comprehensive coverageCovers costs of damages from an event other than a collision, like a weather event, theft, or vandalism.
The average annual insurance premium for a Chevrolet is $1,600 per year for minimum car insurance and $2,229 for full-coverage insurance. When you consider all makes and models, the average insurance premium in the US is $1,626 per year for minimum car insurance and $2,298 for full-coverage insurance.
Here’s what it costs to insure a Chevrolet with minimum coverage and full coverage before and after switching with Jerry.
All Coverage Before Jerry
All Coverage After Jerry
Minimum Coverage Before Jerry
Minimum Coverage After Jerry
Full Coverage Before Jerry
Full Coverage After Jerry
All Coverage Before Jerry
All Coverage After Jerry
Minimum Coverage Before Jerry
Minimum Coverage After Jerry
Full Coverage Before Jerry
Full Coverage After Jerry
As is true of most makes, a more expensive car will be more expensive to insure. Compared to similar brands—like Ford and Dodge—insurance premiums for Chevrolets tend to be about the same, if not lower.
If you’re comparing the prices of insurance for similar cars, here are the insurance costs for other brands:
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

What impacts your insurance costs for Chevrolet

Insurance companies look at a range of different factors when setting their premiums, including your demographics, driving history, and location.

The model of Chevrolet you drive

Your car’s specific model can end up impacting your insurance premiums. As mentioned above, opting for the smaller Equinox will keep your insurance premiums lower than the larger-sized Chevy Suburban. Even for the same model, your insurance will vary.
Most models are offered with different trim levels—that is, versions of the same model that includes different features. A higher trim can lead to pricier insurance premiums.
For example, here’s what insurance you might want to consider for an Equinox.
TrimFeaturesRecommended coverageReason for coverage
Equinox LTThis popular mid-tier trim offers upgraded headlights, remote rear-seat folding levers, and an upgraded driver infotainment system.[Sound system coverage] ( the upgraded infotainment system found in the LT, sound system coverage will protect you if your updated audio equipment gets stolen.
Equinox PremiumThe top-of-the-line trim includes all the content found in the lesser trims, adding 18-inch wheels, a hands-free rear liftgate, ambient lighting, and a wireless charging pad.Roadside assistanceThis coverage will protect you if your Equinox ever breaks down, and covers expenses related to towing and labor.

Your insurance company

Each insurance provider has its own proprietary formula to calculate insurance rates. Try comparing the exact same coverage from two different companies—you’ll probably end up with two very different quotes!
To find the best policy and premium, it’s a good idea to compare quotes from a multitude of insurers. But if you’ve ever done this, you know how monotonous and time-consuming it can be.
Ensure you’re getting the right coverage for the best price by comparison shopping with Jerry.
Jerry is a personal insurance broker that lives in your pocket. But don’t worry about buying tiny office furniture, Jerry is an app. Once you download Jerry, just answer a handful of questions that will take you roughly 45 seconds to complete and you’ll immediately get car insurance quotes for coverage similar to your current plan.
Jerry customers save an average of $879 a year! Here’s what Chevrolet drivers paid for car insurance before and after switching with Jerry:
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

Your age

Your age helps insurance companies understand your experience and risk level.
Since younger drivers typically get into more accidents, they tend to pay more as they are classified as high-risk drivers. Older drivers with more experience usually have lower car insurance rates.

Your driving record

Insurance companies also consider traffic violations when deciding on premiums.
Minor offenses on your record might lead to a small increase in your insurance rate. Serious offenses, such as DUI and careless driving, have a far more significant impact on your premiums and will remain on your record for many years.
But if you work on improving your driving habits and maintain a clean record, you’re likely to see your insurance premiums drop.
Here are some common insurance premiums for Chevrolet drivers with previous infractions:
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

Where you live

Your location can have a bigger impact on your premium than you might realize.
Accident rates, crime rates, and natural disaster incidences vary by area—and premiums vary, too. Insurance rates for Chevys can be completely different even within the same state!
The risks associated with where you live will matter to your insurer. If your city has lots of car thefts, accidents, or severe weather events, you can expect to pay more for your coverage as there’s a greater risk for your insurance company.
According to our data, there is a high percentage of Chevrolet drivers in cities including Houston (TX), Atlanta (GA), Phoenix (AZ), Philadelphia (PA) and Dallas (TX).
The cheapest car insurance for Chevrolet for Jerry users is in Olmsted-Falls (OH) and Olmsted Falls (OH).
The most expensive car insurance for Chevrolet for Jerry users is in Great Neck (NY) and Flushing (NY).
No matter where you live, your demographics, or what model of Chevrolet you drive, you can find the best rates on car insurance by shopping with Jerry.
After providing you with a comprehensive cross-analysis of the best policies across providers, Jerry will handle the phone calls, paperwork, and renewals for your top pick so that you don’t have to. So why do all that extra work when Jerry can do it better?

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