How to Get a Suspended License Reinstated

Olivia Rose
Apr 27, 2022 · 7 min read
To get your suspended license reinstated, you will need to read your suspension notice, file an SR-22, pay all your fines or fees, and complete your state’s process for reinstating your license.
We’ll walk you through the steps of getting your license reinstated so you can get back to your regularly-scheduled driving ASAP.
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Here’s how to get a suspended license reinstated.
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How to get your license back after suspension

Reading your license suspension notice is the first and most important step in reinstating your license.
Your license suspension notice will let you know what you need to do to get your license reinstated. Make sure you keep it for your reference as you go through the process.
Your notice will also tell you how long your license is being suspended for. Depending on why your license was suspended, the length of time can vary from weeks to over a year.
In order to receive your notice in the first place, you need to make sure that your address on file with the DMV and Department of Public Safety is fully up-to-date. If your address is not up-to-date, you could miss your notice—and end up driving with a suspended license without even realizing it.
There are several different things that your state might require you to do in order to get your suspended license back. Here's how to complete them.
Key Takeaway The first and most important to reinstating your license is reading your license suspension notice. Make sure your address with the DMV and the Department of Public Safety is kept up-to-date so that you don’t miss any important notices in the mail.

Take a driving class

Your state might require you to take a defensive driving course in order to get your license reinstated.
Even if it is not required, it might be a good idea to take a driving class—especially if your license was suspended for a driving-related infraction. Taking a defensive driving course can also keep your insurance rates lower, so they’re really worth considering.

Get an SR-22

Next, you should file an SR-22 with your insurance policy. An SR-22 is not an additional insurance policy—an SR-22 filing simply links your car to the state so that the state is notified if your insurance lapses.

No car insurance? Get it immediately

Unfortunately, your insurance provider might drop your policy if your license is suspended. This is because you are now considered to be a high-risk driver.
You might have to shop around for a new car insurance policy from a high-risk insurance carrier so that you can file an SR-22.
If your license was suspended for driving without insurance in the first place, you will need to purchase a new car insurance policy.
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Don’t own a car? Get a non-owner SR-22

There are specific car insurance policies for drivers who don’t own a vehicle and don’t drive often. Typically, these policies give you liability coverage for those times when you’re driving someone else’s car and want higher liability coverage than what the car owner’s insurance offers.
If you don’t have your own vehicle with an insurance policy, you can file a non-owner SR-22 on a policy like this.

Pay your fees

Next, you need to pay all the fines and fees that are related to your license suspension. If your license was suspended for unpaid traffic tickets, pay those off immediately.
No matter the reason for your license suspension, you’ll almost definitely have to pay a fee or two in order to get it reinstated.
License reinstatement fees might run anywhere from $50 to $200 depending on your state. The sooner you pay all your fines and fees, the sooner your license will be able to be reinstated.
If you aren’t able to pay the reinstatement fees immediately, you may be able to set up a payment plan.

Finalize your reinstatement—and be patient

Depending on your state, this final step will vary—you might need to reinstate your license online, by mail, or at the DMV in person. Review your license suspension notice and check online for your state’s regulations for license reinstatements.
Once you have done everything in your power to move along with your license reinstatement, you’ll have to be patient until you can finalize your reinstatement. Whatever you do, don’t drive with a suspended license—the penalties will far outweigh the wait for your license reinstatement.
Key Takeaway Take a defensive driving course, file an SR-22 with your insurance policy, pay all the fines and fees related to your license suspension and reinstatement, and follow your state’s guidelines for finalizing your license reinstatement.

How long does it take to get a license reinstated?

The timeline for reinstating your license can vary, and parts of it will be beyond your control. But, you can be proactive in following all the steps to get your license reinstated so that you can be back on the road as quickly as possible.
After carefully reading your license suspension notice, you can file an SR-22 with your insurance policy.
You should also pay any fines or fees related to your license suspension as soon as possible. Then, you’ll go through the process of actually reinstating your license, which might involve an in-person visit to the DMV if it can’t be done online or over the phone.
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How do I get my license back after a suspension in Illinois?

If your license is suspended in Illinois, you will need to participate in a formal or informal hearing with a Secretary of State hearing officer.
Make sure to bring state-approved photo identification to your hearing, such as a driver’s license or passport.
You’ll also want to follow the steps listed above for reinstating your license.

How much does it cost to reinstate a suspended license in Alabama?

The basic fees for reinstating a suspended license in Alabama will vary depending on your specific situation:
  • $100 for suspended license
  • $275 for DUI-related suspended license
But, you might have additional fees, depending on your circumstances:
  • $25 fee for drug-related offenses
  • $150 fee if reinstatement involves the installation of an ignition interlock
  • $50 fee for failure to surrender your license within 30 days
  • $50 fee for failure to pay child support

How do you get around with a suspended license?

Sadly, with a suspended license, you cannot legally drive any vehicle. You will need to rely on public transportation, rides from friends or family, or other non-vehicular methods of transportation to get around. But, hey—extra incentive to get back on your bicycle!
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