How do you clean car oil from clothes?

Does motor oil come out of clothes? I was doing an oil change for the first time in my garage and I spilled some car oil on my shirt. How can I get it out?

“Yikes! Don’t worry though—cleaning car oil out of clothes is difficult but not impossible. You’ll need to treat the stain, scrub it, and wash the garment to remove it.
In the future, try not to wear clothes you want to wear again when you do scheduled maintenance on your car. But since you’re past that point, here’s how to clean the car oil off your clothes, step by step:
  • Lay clothing flat.
  • Apply mechanics soap (such as Swarfega or Gojo) or grease-fighting dish soap (such as Dawn or Palmolive) to the stain.
  • Allow it to penetrate the fabric for several minutes.
  • Scrub the stain gently with a brush.
  • Wash the garment as you normally would—but do not dry, as heat sets stains.
  • Check if the stain came out after washing.
  • If not, repeat the process.
  • Dry as usual once the stain is gone.
Luckily, you should be able to remove the car oil with little problem if you follow the above steps properly.
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Eric Schad
Answered on Aug 30, 2021
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