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How much does it cost to replace the wiper gearbox?

The typical cost to replace a windshield wiper gearbox is $180 to $350. This includes $90 to $250 in parts and $90 to $100 in labor. How much it will actually cost depends on what kind of car you have.
How long does it take to replace a windshield wiper gearbox? A qualified mechanic will need about one hour to finish the job. Your mechanic will check to see if a replacement is absolutely necessary before doing the work. 

How did we estimate these prices?

Jerry's experts researched and collected data from 2500+ real repair shops in all 50 states in the US, including everything from the total cost of repair services to the hourly labor cost for mechanic labor in each shop. We combined that data with our expert database of hundreds of real repair jobs, thousands of real cars, millions of real car part prices in order to best estimate the cost of each repair service. Our labor cost estimate is calculated by taking the average hourly labor rate for a certified mechanic in the US, times the number of hours it takes on average to complete a repair. We recommend you compare your local shops with Jerry and contact those shops directly to get final pricing for your vehicle.

What parts do I need for replacing the windshield wiper gearbox? How much do those parts cost?

When a windshield wiper gearbox needs to be replaced, the following parts are typically required:
  1. Windshield wiper gearbox assembly: This main part houses the gears and linkages that convert the rotational motion of the wiper motor into the wiper arms' back-and-forth motion. A gearbox assembly can cost between $50 to $150+.
  2. Wiper linkage: This is what links the wiper arms to the gearbox so that everything can all move in sync. Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, the wiper linkage has an average cost between $20 and $100.
  3. Wiper motor: The wiper motor is sometimes built into the transmission itself. If the motor is removable and still works, it may not need to be replaced. If the wiper motor fails, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 to replace it.
Some popular wiper gearbox brands include AlDelco, Dorman, and Cardone. You can purchase them from local auto parts stores such as AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts, or from online retailers such as Amazon or Summit Racing.
Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts may be the best option if you need to replace your windshield wiper gearbox.
OEM models are designed to fit a specific vehicle and are constructed to the manufacturer's exacting standards. There is typically more flexibility in the features and capabilities of aftermarket wiper motors, but they may not be perfectly compatible with your car.
You can find replacement parts for your windshield wiper gearbox at a number of retailers, including AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts, and online retailers like Amazon or Summit Racing. OEM parts can often be found on the official manufacturer or dealer websites. Make sure you have the correct part measurements and shop around to get the best price.

Where can I get my wiper gearbox replaced?

It can be difficult to locate a reliable mechanic or shop to replace your wiper gearbox. Fortunately, Jerry's
allows you to compare prices from over 2,500 approved service centers across the United States. 
You can easily compare diagnostic fees and other service fees thanks to the accurate price quotes* based on the hourly labor rates charged by each shop. You may also find it helpful to read reviews written by past customers. 
Take a look at some of the vetted shops in the auto repair industry down below, and remember to download the mobile app for on-the-go cost comparisons!
115 Reviews
On The Go Tires
(Mobile repair service), Fort Myers, FL
Shop Diagnostic Fee
(Included in service charges)
182 Reviews
Factory Auto Service
446 B Western Ave, Brighton, MA
Shop Diagnostic Fee
(Included in service charges)
142 Reviews
North Raleigh Automotive
5312 Atlantic Springs Rd, Raleigh, NC
Shop Diagnostic Fee
(Included in service charges)
178 Reviews
Pep Boys Auto Parts & Service - Lansing #889
17015 TORRENCE AVE., Harvey, IL
Shop Diagnostic Fee
(Included in service charges)

How did we vet these shops?

Jerry experts researched 2500+ real repair shops across the US. We talked to real shop customers, and analyzed both real shop pricing data and thousands of real customer reviews from each shop to verify them individually. We do not partner with the shops listed above, and our analysis is always unbiased.

How will a mechanic replace my windshield wiper gearbox?

Here is what you can usually expect from a windshield wiper gearbox replacement at the mechanic's shop:
  1. Access the wiper assembly: To get to the wiper assembly and the wiper gearbox, they will remove any relevant trim panels or covers.
  2. Remove the old gearbox: The old gearbox's wiper linkage and electrical connections will be removed by the mechanic. The old gearbox will then be removed from the wiper motor by unscrewing the bolts.
  3. Install the new gearbox: After the old gearbox is removed, the new one is fitted in its place, and the electrical connectors and wiper linkage are reconnected.
  4. Reassembly: Covers and trim pieces that were previously removed will be put back in their proper places.
  5. Final inspection: The mechanic will perform a final check to ensure that the windshield wipers and all other associated parts are functioning properly.

What happens if I don’t replace my windshield wiper gearbox?

Several issues might arise, endangering your safety and driving ability, if you don't replace a broken or faulty windshield wiper gearbox:
  • Wiper system failure
  • Compromised visibility
  • Damage to the wiper motor
  • Wiper arm misalignment
  • Inability to pass vehicle inspections

What is the wiper gearbox?

The windshield wiper gearbox is a mechanical part of your vehicle's windshield wiper system. It is also known as the wiper transmission or the wiper linkage assembly. Its primary purpose is to transform the rotational motion of the windshield wiper motor into the reciprocating motion of the wiper blades and arms so that the windshield can be cleaned of rain, snow, or debris.
Some cars have just one wiper gearbox that controls both the front and rear windshield wipers, while others have separate gearboxes for each. Having a wiper gearbox that functions properly is crucial for the driver's visibility and safety in
inclement weather

When should I replace the windshield wiper gearbox on my car?

If your car's windshield wipers exhibit any of the following problems, it may be time to replace the wiper gearbox:
  1. Unusual noises: Problems with the gears or links in the wiper gearbox might cause the wipers to make grinding, clicking, or other strange noises when used.
  2. Misaligned windshield wiper arm: A malfunctioning wiper gearbox may be to blame if the wiper arms don't move in sync or don't clean the windshield evenly.
  3. Erratic or slow wiper movement: Slow or inconsistent wiper arm motion could be a sign that the wiper gearbox is not properly transmitting the motor's motion.
  4. Total failure of the wiper system: If the wipers suddenly stop functioning, it's probably because the gearbox that connects the motor to the wiper arms has broken.
  5. Damage: Look for damage to the wiper gearbox that could indicate it needs to be replaced, such as cracks, leaks, or broken linkages.
  6. Wipers get stuck or jerk: Problems with the wiper gearbox could cause the wipers to become stuck in one position or jerk unpredictably when used.
Keep in mind that the appearance of these warning signs could change based on the make, model, and age of your vehicle
If you notice any of these issues, it's best to have a qualified mechanic check over your wiper gearbox next time you take it in for
routine maintenance
. Fixing these issues quickly can keep your wipers in top shape, allowing you to drive safely in all kinds of weather!

How often should the wiper gearbox be replaced?

Several factors, such as the car's make and model, conditions while driving, and maintenance practices, can greatly affect how often the windshield wiper gearbox needs to be replaced. The wiper gearbox, in contrast to other wear-and-tear parts, is built to last and doesn't need to be replaced as often.
A windshield wiper gearbox can last several years or even the entire life of the vehicle if properly maintained and cared for.

Can I replace my windshield wiper gearbox myself?

Replacing the wiper gearbox can be a difficult job that might require some technical knowledge and experience fixing cars. If you've worked on vehicles before and are sure of your DIY skills, you might be able to repair the windshield wiper gearbox on your own. But keep in mind that you will have to take apart and put back together components of the wiper system and work with electrical parts.
If you're not sure about your skills, it's best to have an experienced mechanic replace the wiper gearbox.


Typically, only one motor is required to power both wiper arms in a car. 
However, some high-end or luxury vehicles may have two wiper motors, especially those with larger windshields or more complex wiper systems. Wiper operation, especially on larger windshields, can be improved with these dual-motor systems. Such systems typically feature individual motors attached to each wiper arm, allowing for individual blade control and operation.
Different vehicle models and makes have different locations for the wiper motor fuse—but they can often be found in the vehicle's fuse box or central processing unit.
Yes, debris, dirt, or ice can form in the washer fluid lines or nozzles, blocking the fluid from reaching the windshield. If you are dealing with an obstruction, you can try dissolving any ice or debris with warm water, blowing compressed air through the lines, or using a pin or needle to clear the nozzles.
If you are unsure how to remove the obstructions or if you are unable to do so yourself, a professional mechanic can get the area clear.

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