How to Find Your Volkswagen Radio Code

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To find your Volkswagen radio code—also called a safety code—you can check in your owner’s or radio manual, or look for a sticker inside the lid of your trunk or on your doorjamb. Alternatively, you can bring your car to the nearest Volkswagen dealer for assistance. 
Sooner or later, it happens to all of us—maybe our car battery died, or maybe it was disconnected for maintenance. Whatever the case, when you slide back into the driver’s seat you’re bound to be met with a flashing “CODE” message, along with the discovery that your radio has suddenly stopped working. 
If this sounds like you, you’re probably feeling frustrated, maybe even annoyed. What’s the deal with the code, and where can you get it? 
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Why do I need a Volkswagen radio code? 

You may not think much of your car’s radio, but it’s actually a pretty common target for theft. That’s why car manufacturers (like Volkswagen) included radio or “safety” codes as an added measure of security for your vehicle’s sound system. 
The safety code is required any time your device loses power, which happens when the battery dies, is disconnected, or is replaced. Basically, in order for your radio to be stolen, it would have to be disconnected from your car (and its power source). Unfortunately, your car just can’t tell the difference between a would-be burglar and your mechanic simply removing or jumpstarting your battery. 
While this security feature helps protect your Volkswagen’s radio (which is great if you don’t have
sound system insurance
), it can be a real pain if you’re just trying to listen to your favorite songs on your way to work. 

How to find your Volkswagen radio code

Luckily, finding your Volkswagen safety code is pretty easy! If you’ve kept the original paperwork that came with the purchase of your vehicle, you can find your radio code there, as well as in your car’s radio manual. Alternatively, the safety code may be printed on a label affixed to the inside lid of your trunk or on your spare tire
Keep your eyes peeled for labeling that reads “Anti-Theft Safety Code” or something similar. Your safety code is only four digits long. Anything longer, or featuring a mix of letters and numbers, won’t be the right code. 

How to look up your Volkswagen radio code

Maybe you’re bad with records. Maybe you bought your car used, or you can’t find a sticker anywhere. Don’t worry—there’s still a way for you to find your Volkswagen safety code!
The easiest way is to simply bring your car to the nearest Volkswagen dealer. The technicians there will be able to look up your car’s radio code using your vehicle identification number (VIN) or your device serial code engraved on the top or side of your car’s stereo. 
On the other hand, you can use your VIN and serial number to look up your safety code yourself. Your 17-digit VIN specific to your vehicle can be found on your registration or insurance cards—but you’ll have to pull the radio out of the car yourself to access the serial number. 
Once you’ve got both copied down, you can call Volkswagen Customer Care at 1-800-822-8987 for help looking up your specific radio code. 

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