COVID-19 Ruined Another Auto Show

Ru Chen
· 4 min read
With more than half of America fully vaccinated, major auto shows have finally started to make a comeback. But it looks like that comeback has been cut short. Unfortunately, the rise in
delta variant cases has affected major auto shows everywhere.
New York
Auto Show has been canceled because of the coronavirus. Again.
COVID-19 continues to have a huge impact on the auto industry.

2021 New York International Auto Show canceled

reported that the 2021 New York International Auto Show originally scheduled for August 19th will be a no-go.
This isn’t the first time COVID-19 has messed with the auto show in New York. In 2020, the New York Auto Show was at first postponed, then completely canceled.
Just last month, a shortened, special version of the 2021 Chicago Auto Show took place. Tons of car enthusiasts were delighted to finally attend a major auto show again, and many cars were unveiled and exhibited.
That’s likely why this news comes as a big disappointment to those who have been expecting the New York Auto Show to take place. The pandemic continues to rear its head just when people think it might go away.
In a
press release
, the show organizers thanked the automobile industry’s commitment to and anticipation for the show. They cited safety concerns as the reason for canceling the show.
They also pledged that the auto show would return to its usual schedule in April 2022. Hopefully, all auto shows will be able to rebound by then, bigger and better than ever.
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What are we missing out on?

Auto shows are a fantastic place to connect with the community, experience the best of the best cars can offer, and help buyers decide what cars they want. It’s a real rush to attend a good car show.
People everywhere were hyped to see the confirmed and rumored car debuts. Consumers were excited about Nissan’s new Z sports car in New York. Subaru was also supposed to unveil their 2022 WRX sedan.
As of now, everything is up in the air. Keep an eye out for the debuts that will likely still happen, just not at the car show.

The necessity of extra precautions

The rising cases of COVID delta variant are no joke.
of New York has been fully vaccinated as of August, but the delta variant has caused a resurgence in coronavirus cases.
New York state’s seven-day coronavirus case count average jumped to 2,418 as of last week, marking an increase of 81% from the prior week.
reported that infection and hospitalization rates are going back up, and public restrictions are being put in place again. In NYC, indoor vaccinations will be mandated beginning August 16th.
Taking extra precautions by canceling the New York Auto Show might just be the smart move here. It’s good for the organizers to want to put the safety of the community first, even if it’s a disappointment to excited attendees.

How COVID-19 has hurt the auto industry

Auto shows being canceled aren’t the only problem for the industry.
You’ve probably already heard about the extreme rises in car prices due to chip
. It’s an absolute pain to buy used or new cars in the market right now.
Since the start of the pandemic, there has also been a drastic rise in
street racing
and insurance
. This is due to fewer people on the streets. That has meant fewer casualty risks for street racers and fewer witnesses for insurance scammers.
However, as the pandemic has progressed and more people are back on the streets, that doesn’t mean street racing and insurance scams have died down.

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