How to Find Your Jeep Radio Code

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Natalie Todoroff
· 4 min read
Your four-digit Jeep radio code will be located in your owner’s manual. If you misplaced your owner’s manual, you’ll need to call your local Jeep dealership or Jeep customer service and provide them with your VIN, radio device number, and radio serial number to get back to your favorite tunes. 
Arguably, one of the best parts of car ownership is long solo drives with nothing but you, the open road, and a kickin’ playlist. And, if you’re a Jeep owner, this little mental montage could also include some off-roading. But, after a battery replacement, your Jeep will ask you for a radio code before you can use your sound system. 
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Why do I need a Jeep radio code?

Let’s start with the basics—what exactly is a radio code and what does it do for you? It’s pretty simple: any time your Jeep’s battery is disconnected or replaced, your radio will prompt you to enter a four-digit radio code before you can use your sound system. 
Why? To help deter thieves. Even in the age of podcasts, audiobooks, and custom Spotify playlists, radios remain one of the most frequently stolen vehicle components. Think about it: who would want a radio that only works if you have a magic four-digit code? It would be completely useless. 
That said, you could be the one with a useless radio on your hands if you don’t know your code. 

How to find your Jeep radio code 

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to find your Jeep radio code—you’ll just need to track down your owner’s manual. Most of the time, it’s in your glove box
Once you find it, flip through it until you find something that reads “Anti-Theft Radio Code.” Remember, you’re looking for just a four-digit code here. There are loads of different numbers and codes in your owner’s manual, so anything longer or shorter than four digits isn’t what you need. 

How to look up your Jeep radio code 

Not everyone keeps meticulous records—or even knows where their owner’s manual is. Maybe you misplaced it right after getting your new Jeep, accidentally threw it away, or it’s floating around your home somewhere. Not to worry, there are still other ways to get the music going! 
In order to get the code to unlock your radio, you’ll need to call either your
local Jeep dealership
or Jeep customer service at 877-426-5337. They’ll need you to provide three pieces of information: your Jeep’s VIN (vehicle identification number), your radio serial code, and your radio device code.    
You can find the 17-character VIN in a number of different places: in your owner’s manual, on your insurance card, on any official paperwork from your Jeep dealership, engraved on a metal plate on the driver’s side of the dashboard, or on the driver’s side door jamb. 
Getting your radio device number and radio serial number will take a little extra legwork. These numbers are printed on a sticker on the radio, so you’ll need to remove your radio to access them. The radio serial code begins with the letter P, and the radio device number begins with a T. 
Now, with all three of these numbers on hand, you’re ready to get your four-digit Jeep radio code! 

How to upgrade your car insurance 

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icon4.7/5 rating on the App Store | Trusted by 5+ million customers and 7 million cars
icon4.7/5 app rating | Trusted by 5M+ drivers
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