The Worst 2022 Tesla Model According to Consumer Reports

Tesla’s most expensive model, the Model X, earned the lowest score out of all Tesla models in Consumer Reports’ overall ratings. 
Written by Allison Stone
Reviewed by Serena Aburahma
One of
most luxurious models might not be worth the hype—at least that’s the case according to Consumer Reports (CR). 
The Tesla Model X SUV, one of the cars that CEO Elon Musk happens to drive the most himself, ranked lowest out of all Tesla models. 
Did the Model X score so poorly due to its steep price? Is the uber-luxurious vehicle plagued by reliability issues or recalls? Find out with the car ownership experts at Jerry as we take a deep dive into CR’s rankings. 

How the Model X was deemed the worst Tesla

, a product rating and reviews website, creates an overall score for each 2022 model which is based on four factors: Road Test, Reliability, Owner Satisfaction, and Safety. 
The overall score is also regularly updated as new testing, owner reviews, and safety information becomes available. 
Out of the four available 2022 Tesla models that could be ranked, the Model X scored with highest with an overall score of  41. In first place was the Model 3 with a score of 79, in second the Model S with 60, and third was the Model Y with 59.
In spite of 74% of respondents saying that they would buy a Model X again, the electrified SUV scored poorly in value and had the lowest Road Test score out of all four models with a 72. 
Another factor that greatly impacted the Model X’s score was its reliability rating—overall it received a 1 out of 5 for predicted reliability and has been recalled 9 times by the NHTSA. 
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Going deeper into the worst Tesla’s reliability issues

According to CR’s reports, recurring trouble spots for the Model X include the drive system, electric system, climate system, suspension, body integrity, body hardware, power equipment, and in-car electronics. 
Compared to other new models in its segment, it also came second to last, scoring just five points out of 100 in overall reliability for the newest three years of a model. 
The 2022 Model X was
recalled 9 times
due to issues with visibility, backover prevention, forward collision avoidance, airbags, and multiple electrical system issues.
In terms of value, the Model X also scored poorly, with just 30% of respondents saying they felt what they got was relative to what they paid. 

Is the Tesla Model X worth it?

The Model X seems to suffer most from its steep price, recalls, and reliability issues, but that doesn’t stop diehard fans from loving this car. The Model X still scores 4 out of 5 points in owner satisfaction with 74% of owners saying they would buy it again. 
Risk-takers looking for a high-profile statement car will probably love the Model X regardless of its flaws, but a more discerning buyer would likely prefer the more highly-rated Model 3, Model S, or Model Y. 
Because of the Model X’s reliability issues, expensive parts, and high-tech components, insuring one can get expensive. 
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