What Is Tesla Speed Limit Mode?

If you want to make sure you stick to the speed limit while driving your Tesla, turn on speed limit mode and set a maximum driving speed.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
If you’re driving on the highway, it’s easy to go over the speed limit if you stop paying attention. But if you own a Tesla, you can activate your vehicle’s speed limit mode to set your car’s top speed.
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rates. If you want to make sure you stick to safe driving speeds, activate speed limit mode from the Tesla app or your car’s touchscreen. This mode allows you to set a maximum acceleration speed between 50 and 90 mph, so even if you lose focus while driving, you won’t go over the speed limit you set.
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What is Tesla's speed limit mode? 

Tesla’s speed limit mode is a safety feature that allows you to limit the car’s top speed. Drivers can choose any number between 50 mph and 90 mph, and the car will never exceed that speed no matter how hard you push on the accelerator. 
Speed limit mode is not the same thing as valet mode, although both modes limit the car’s speed. The valet mode feature limits the car’s speed to exactly 70 mph and enables privacy features, while speed limit mode allows the driver to set their maximum acceleration to the speed of their choice.
With speed limit mode enabled, driving within 3 mph of the top speed you set will cause a notification to display on both your instrument panel and on your Tesla app. Your car will also play a warning chime, but the vehicle still won’t go over the top speed that you set. 
Basically, speed limit mode forces you to stick to the speed restrictions you set for yourself since it can’t be disabled while the car is moving.

How to turn on Tesla speed limit mode

To turn on speed limit mode, use your car’s touchscreen or the Tesla mobile app, and follow these instructions:
  • Tap Controls
  • Tap Safety & Security
  • Tap Speed Limit Mode
  • Use the arrows to select your maximum driving speed
  • Move the slider to the ON position
The first time you turn on speed limit mode, you’ll be asked to enter a four-digit PIN. Make sure to remember your PIN. You’ll need it whenever you enable or disable speed limit mode. But if you forget your PIN, don’t panic! You can log in to your Tesla account and reset your PIN from there.
It’s important to remember that once speed limit mode is enabled, you can’t turn it off while driving. If you want to disable speed limit mode, you’ll have to park the car first. Then, you can enter your PIN and move the slider to the OFF position. 
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How long can you leave Tesla speed limit mode on?

Tesla speed limit mode has no impact on your car’s battery life, so you can leave it on as long as you like. Of course, you should always remember to charge your Tesla at night in order to top off its battery, but having speed limit mode enabled won’t cause your battery to drain any faster than normal.

Which Teslas have speed limit mode? 

Today, speed limit mode is a standard feature on every new Tesla model, and it's available for older models through a downloadable software update. That means that every Model 3, Model S, Model Y, and Model X, whether it’s brand new or a few years old, allows you to turn on speed limit mode and set a safe maximum driving speed.
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To turn off speed limit mode, just park the car, then enter your four-digit PIN and move the speed limit mode slider to the OFF position.
Both speed limit mode and valet mode can limit the driving speed of your Tesla. You can use your car’s touchscreen or the Tesla app to check if you have either of these driving modes enabled.
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