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Does the DMV waive fees?
I’m on Social Security disability. The DMV charged me a $251 fee. Will the DMV waive the fee or reduce the amount? I’m on a fixed income and can’t lose my money for food.
Emily Maracle
Jan 07, 2022
How much does a driving permit cost in Oklahoma?
I live in Oklahoma and am ready to get my learner’s permit. Before I head to the DMV, I need to know how much it costs so that I can financially prepare. How much should I bring to get my driving permit in Oklahoma?
Jacqulyn Graber
Mar 29, 2022
Can you take a driving test with your own car?
I’m prepping for my upcoming driving test. So far, I feel pretty comfortable, but I’m worried about taking the test with the DMV’s car. Can I take the driving test with my own car?
Eric Schad
Mar 11, 2022
How do I find my car insurance company from a policy number?
I wrote down the policy number of someone that rear-ended me last night, but I was really shaken up, and I’ve forgotten which company they were insured. How can I find their car insurance company from the policy number alone?
Matthew Macgugan
Dec 10, 2021
How do I check whether a car is insured or not?
Can I check whether someone’s car is insured if they didn’t stop to trade information? Someone hit my car in the parking lot the other day and drove off. Luckily I am fine, but my car is not.
Liz Jenson
Oct 05, 2021
How do I get my driving record in Massachusetts?
I’m applying for a job as a valet, and my employer is requesting my driving record. I’ve never thought to look up my driving record before. How do I get my driving record in Massachusetts?
Melanie Johnson
Feb 03, 2022
Can you take a driving test on Saturday?
Between school, extracurricular activities, and sports, I’m always busy. I want to get my driver’s license, but I usually only have Saturdays open. Will the DMV let me take a driving test on a Saturday?
Eric Schad
Mar 11, 2022
Can an insurance company contact the police after you're in an accident?
I reported an accident to my insurance, but didn't call the police. Will my insurance company contact the police for me?
Emily Maracle
Aug 18, 2021
How do I find someone’s car insurance policy?
Is there a good way to find someone's car insurance policy information? My son's 21 years old and he isn’t exactly responsible. He told me he bought car insurance, but he couldn't provide it to law enforcement after running a stoplight. Now, I need to find a way to look up his policy—if it even exists.
Eric Schad
Nov 08, 2021
What is considered an immediate fail on a driving test?
What kinds of mistakes would make me immediately fail my driving test? I’m taking my test for the second time next week, and I want to make sure that I don’t do anything stupid.
Liz Jenson
Jan 25, 2022
How do I find someone's car insurance details?
I was recently in an accident. With everything going on at the scene, I forgot to get a picture of the other person's car insurance card. How can you figure out someone else’s car insurance information?
Matthew Macgugan
Dec 05, 2021
Do I need glasses for driving?
I was just prescribed my first pair of glasses ever, and I’m still getting accustomed to how they feel. Sometimes they’re a bit uncomfortable. Do I have to wear my glasses while I drive?
Macy Fouse
Mar 08, 2022
Do you need dual controls for a driving test?
Do I have to take my driving test in a car that has dual controls, or am I allowed to take it in my mom’s car? I would rather take the test in the car that I learned how to drive in, but it doesn’t have dual controls so I’m not sure if I’ll be allowed to.
Liz Jenson
Feb 03, 2022
How do I find out someone’s car insurance details?
I was hit by another car, and I’m pretty sure they gave me false insurance information. What are my options for finding someone else's car insurance information?
Eric Schad
Nov 08, 2021
How to find if a car is insured?
I was in an accident, and I didn’t get the information from the other driver. I don’t know if he has car insurance. How can you find out if a car is insured or not?
Carlos Kirby
Nov 09, 2021
How do you get a South Carolina driving record?
I’m applying for a job as a transport driver, and the employer needs to see my record. What steps should I take to get my South Carolina driving record?
Joshua Levy
Feb 14, 2022
How can I check if a car is insured for free?
A few days ago, my car was parked in front of my house, and someone hit it and ran off. Thankfully, my neighbors were outside at the time and caught the guy’s license plates. Is there a free way I can check if the person who hit me is insured?
Chloe Jenkins
Dec 19, 2021
Can you take driving lessons after passing the exam?
I passed my driver’s license written exam and my road test, but I’m still not sure how confident I feel behind the wheel. Can I still take driving lessons after I pass these tests?
Eric Schad
Mar 08, 2022
How do you change the name on a driving license?
I recently got married and took my wife’s name. I’m trying to update all of my documents with my new name—it has been a nightmare. To put my mind at ease, can you tell me the best way to change my name on my driver’s license?
Eric Schad
Mar 18, 2022
How do I reinstate my car loan after a repossession?
I was struggling financially and my car was repossessed. Just a few days after the repo, I discovered that I'm getting a large inheritance, which is a huge relief! However, my car is still reposessed, and I still need to deal with everything—including my car loan. How do I reinstate my car loan?
Eric Schad
Oct 19, 2021
Can police send accident reports to your car insurance company?
I had to file a police report for an accident I was in. I'm worried about my rate increasing. Will the police send a report to my insurance company?
Emily Maracle
Aug 18, 2021
Is negligent driving a crime?
Would negligent driving be considered a crime, and would it show up on a criminal record? I’m wondering if I’ll have to list when I’m asked if I’ve ever been convicted of a crime.
Liz Jenson
Jan 27, 2022
How can I take my written driving test online?
Is there any way for me to take the written portion of the driving exam online instead of going in person? I want to stay out of the DMV office as much as possible because I’m immunocompromised and I’m really worried about Covid.
Liz Jenson
Mar 14, 2022
How long does it take to renew your driving license?
I just noticed that my driver’s license expires in two months. I’ve never had to renew my license before, so I’m not sure what to expect. How long does renewing a driver’s license take?
Eric Schad
Mar 10, 2022
How can I look up my driving tickets?
I was shopping around for car insurance, but the quotes I’m getting back are all sky high. My dad told me to check my record to see what is on it. How can I check for tickets on my driving record?
Eric Schad
Mar 17, 2022
Can you take driving lessons without a permit?
I want to start driving lessons as soon as possible, but I haven’t been able to get my permit. I’m already enrolled in a driving school, so I’m not sure what to do next. Can I take driving lessons if I don’t have a permit?
Eric Schad
Mar 10, 2022
How do I see if my car is insured?
I'm pretty sure my insurance is up-to-date, but want to double-check—I’m just not sure what to do! How can I check to see if my car is insured?
Ben Guess
Nov 10, 2021
Can you appeal a failed driving test?
I didn’t pass my driving test, but I just don’t think my test administrator was fair. Do I have any recourse in this situation?
Pat Roache
Feb 08, 2022
How do driving test cancellations work?
What do I have to do to cancel a driving test that I have scheduled already? I had a family emergency and I don’t think I’ll be able to take my driving test, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get a refund or cancel my appointment.
Liz Jenson
Feb 03, 2022
Can I drive my car with a temporary registration?
I just bought my very first car. The car dealership gave me my temporary license plate and registration tags while I wait for the official ones to arrive. Can I travel anywhere with the temporary registration, or do I have to wait for it to come in the mail?
Melanie Mergen
May 11, 2022

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