How Much Does a Tesla Battery Replacement Actually Cost?

If the damages aren't covered by a warranty, a Tesla battery replacement typically costs $12,000 or more.
Written by Andrew Kidd
A Tesla battery typically costs between $12,000 and $20,000 to replace. The Tesla Model 3 has the cheapest battery modules, but a battery replacement for the Model X or Model S could cost considerably more.
  • The cost of a
    battery itself can fall between $12,000 and $20,000. 
  • EV batteries cost more to replace due to the expensive parts needed for the service. 
  • You’ll pay more to replace your battery at a Tesla shop than an independent automotive repair shop. 
  • Depending on the reason a replacement is needed, warranties and insurance could reduce or eliminate the cost of a new Tesla battery pack.

Elon Musk seriously underestimated the cost of a Tesla battery

In 2019,
Elon Musk
tweeted that replacing the battery on a Tesla Model 3 would “only cost $5k to $7k.” Turns out, this was a gross understatement. 
Actual service receipts put the cost of a Tesla Model 3 battery replacement anywhere from $7,000 to $14,000—and that’s just the cost of the battery pack. Add on labor costs and additional parts, and you’re looking at a total repair bill of at least $12,000 in most cases. 
And that’s for Tesla’s cheapest model. 

How much does a Tesla battery cost?

The lowest fair estimate for a Tesla battery replacement is $12,000 or more. In most cases, you can expect a total cost closer to $14,000 or $16,000 to replace the battery module in your Tesla vehicle. 
With global supply chain issues, component shortages, and the increasing cost of minerals used to manufacture batteries, the cost of a replacement might be even greater two years later. 
Out of pocket: Tesla owners can expect costs of around $10,000 to $13,000 for the new battery itself, depending on the model. Of course, there will also be an extra $100 or so for other replacement parts, plus a few extra hundred dollars in labor costs at the repair shop—and that's a lower estimate. If you take your car to a Tesla service center, expect to pay more. 
Tesla increased its vehicle prices to address higher costs in 2021, but was able to avoid the bulk of
supply chain issues
by bringing much of its production in-house to the U.S.
Pro tip: While battery degradation at some point will be inevitable for any EV, you can help your Tesla battery last longer by following the best maintenance practices outlined in your owner’s manual. Avoiding fast charging can help you retain your max battery capacity over the long term.

Owning an EV is likely still worth it, even with high battery costs

Most electric car drivers will never have to worry about replacing their car’s batteries. If they do, it will likely be covered by Tesla’s warranty.
All Tesla batteries come with a warranty for eight years or 100,000 to 150,000 miles—whichever comes first. That can reduce Tesla battery replacement costs for most drivers: but if your Tesla battery needs to be replaced after the electric vehicle battery warranty period ends, you’ll be on your own. 
The good news: Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries are built to last for the full lifespan of the cars. Most Tesla vehicles can last for 20 to 35 years without needing a battery replacement, especially with regular maintenance. 
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