What Is Tesla Creep Mode?

Tesla has 3 stopping modes, including Creep Mode, which allows the vehicle to slowly move after a complete stop, when the driver’s foot is off the brake.
Written by Jacqulyn Graber
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Your Tesla Model S, Model X, Model Y, or Model 3 is equipped with Creep Mode, which allows you to slowly move your car forward after a complete stop by simply taking your foot off the brake.
Generally, if you want to move your Tesla forward (while in drive) or backwards (while in reverse), you’ll need to press the accelerator. But what if you want to inch up or back ever so slowly, perhaps when backing into a parking space or waiting in line at a drive-thru window? Well, the answer is Creep Mode.
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What is Tesla creep mode? 

Creep Mode is one of Tesla’s three stop modes. It works by continuing to apply torque from the motor, even after you use the vehicle’s brakes to come to a partial or complete stop.
The result? If you lift your foot off the brake pedal, your Tesla will move forward or backward very slowly (depending on whether the gear is in drive or reverse).
Creep Mode allows your Tesla to behave similarly to a traditional vehicle with an automatic transmission, and is perfect for when you’re waiting in a slow-moving drive-thru line, backing into a parking space, or simply inching up at a red light. 

How to turn on Tesla creep mode

Your Tesla comes equipped with three different stopping modes, so you’ll have to specifically select Creep Mode if you’d like it enabled.
To do that, simply make sure your vehicle is in park.Then, touch Controls > Pedals & Steering > Stopping Mode on your touchscreen and then choose “Creep.” 
Once Creep Mode is enabled, you’ll be able to use it after coming to a partial or complete stop by simply lifting your foot off of the brake.

How long can you leave Tesla creep mode on?

Once you select Creep Mode, it will remain on until you select a different Stop Mode. This mode has no impact on your Tesla’s battery—it simply impacts how your car will react once you hit the brakes to stop it.

Which Teslas have creep mode? 

Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3 all come equipped with Creep Mode, in addition to two other Stop Modes: Hold Mode and Roll Mode.
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Yes! Using any of Tesla’s three Stop Modes is perfectly safe—it’s really all about which Stop Mode you prefer.
Yes—every Tesla Model Y comes equipped with three Stop Modes, which includes Creep.
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