What Is Tesla Car Wash Mode?

Tesla Car Wash Mode can help protect your car’s interior when you hose down the exterior or visit a car wash.
Written by Brad Marley
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
As much as we love the technology found in a Tesla, there is no amount of innovation that can prevent your model from getting dirty. But Tesla’s Car Wash Mode can help ensure you don’t damage the car or get water inside when you head to the car wash.
In 2021, Tesla pushed out a software update that included something called Car Wash Mode. When it’s activated, it makes sure all windows are closed, windshield wipers are disabled, and walk-away door locking is turned off. This way, you don’t have to worry about preparing your car to enter a car wash. 
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What is Tesla Car Wash Mode? 

Car Wash Mode is a feature designed to ensure that you don’t forget to do anything that could damage your Tesla in a car wash. It locks the charge port, closes all of the windows, and disables the windshield wipers, Sentry Mode, and parking chimes.
When you turn on Car Wash Mode, you can also turn on “Enable Free Roll” to keep your vehicle in neutral for the duration of an automatic car wash. This prevents the Model 3 from applying the parking brake if you happen to leave the driver’s seat. To turn this feature on, press the brake pedal and select Enable Free Roll to activate. 
It should be noted that Car Wash Mode will be disabled if the vehicle’s speed exceeds 10 mph. The chances of that happening in a car wash are slim, but you never know. You can also turn it off manually by pressing Exit on the touchscreen.

How to turn on Tesla Car Wash Mode

To turn on Car Wash Mode in your Tesla, simply follow these steps: 
  • Go to Car Controls on the touchscreen
  • Under Service, press the button for Car Wash Mode
That’s literally all you need to do. 
Once it’s turned on, the vehicle automatically closes the windows and other openings to prevent water from getting into the car. If your car comes with an automatic trunk, it will make sure the trunk is closed, as well. Like we said above, it will also lock the charge port door, disable walk-away door locking, and even turn off the parking chime so you don’t have to listen to that noise during the car wash.
Failure to put the car in this mode might result in some damage to the car. Be forewarned that damage caused by car washes is not covered by Tesla’s warranty.

How long can you leave Tesla Car Wash Mode on?

You only need to leave the Car Wash Mode on for as long as you are in the car wash. Once you leave the car wash, you can turn it off since you’ll be able to manually close and lock anything on the car. As the name says, this is a mode strictly for car washes.

Which Teslas have Car Wash Mode? 

Car Wash Mode is a feature on the Tesla Model 3, Model Y, redesigned Model S, and redesigned Model X. If you drive any of these vehicles, know you will be able to access Car Wash Mode when you take your car in to be cleaned.

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Yes. You can also find Car Wash Mode on the Tesla Model 3, Model Y, redesigned Model S, and redesigned Model X.
It is! All you have to do is press the Car Wash Mode button once you leave the car wash.
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