The Upcoming Polestar Is Entirely Carbon Neutral

Polestar has designed a car that both Mother Earth and Batman can be proud of. When will we see it hit the market?
Written by Clare Behe
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Polestar made headlines in 2022 because of a sassy super bowl ad introducing its up-and-coming EVs. The Volvo
is far from a household name yet, but it sure seems like they won’t stop until they are. 
Their most recent headline-grabbing design is the subtly named O₂, an electric vehicle concept car that is entirely carbon neutral to produce, netting zero greenhouse gas emissions from product sourcing to producing the vehicle itself. 

The car we need

The O₂ is not set for production. Polestar has designed concept cars before that ended up
making it to the assembly line
, and many hopefuls are keeping their fingers crossed that the O₂ follows suit. 
While we don’t have any specs on the O₂ in regards to battery, range, or performance, the imagery is incredible. Polestar CEO has dubbed it the company’s “hero car,” an appropriate moniker given the O₂’s Batmobile aesthetic.
However, he wasn’t referencing comic book ideals, but rather the way the O₂’s design represents the values of the company. Polestar has been very vocal regarding its mission to build a “climate-neutral” car by 2030.
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A concept car solution for a real-life problem

Putting together an entirely carbon neutral car would require a total overhaul of the process of building vehicles. Rather than focusing exclusively on their company’s carbon output, Polestar would be collaborating with suppliers and manufacturers on their environmental practices every step of the way. 
Transportation accounts for nearly a third of carbon emissions, and it seems
Polestar is aware
that the solution starts with automakers: “We're electric, so we don't have to worry about combustion engines producing toxic emissions—but that doesn't mean our job is done," remarked Polestar's Head of Sustainability, Fredrika Klarén. "We will now work to eradicate all emissions stemming from the production of our vehicles."
The O₂ may not be climate-neutral (yet), but it represents the true ideal of beauty, brains, and sustainability. 

Sustain celebrity status (and the planet)

There are extra perks, too. For example, the car comes with its own drone. It has three different settings to work with, depending on whether you’re aiming for cinematic or more of a performance-focused take. If you’re having a good hair day there is also an option to film yourself, from above. Don’t worry about pulling over to set things up, either, as the drone is programmed to initiate filming
as the O₂ is in motion
If that wasn’t cool enough, the O₂ is one of the only convertible EVs out there. This is surprising given that Polestar describes the car as “lightweight,” not an adjective you hear often to describe electric cars, let alone those with roof-retracting mechanisms added on.
It will be a waiting game to see if Polestar delivers the O₂; it’s possible they could opt for a limited release as was done with the Polestar 1. It is listed on their website though, using very
active terminology
. We could be reading into marketing too much, but it sure sounds like they plan on making it.
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