What Is Tesla Stop Mode?

Tesla Stop Mode may mean entering Hold Mode, Creep Mode, or Roll Mode, depending on your preference. For more information about each, click here.
Written by Liz Jenson
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
There are three different stop mode options for Teslas: Hold mode, Creep mode, and Roll mode. Each of these options causes your Tesla to come to a stop in a slightly different way.
Teslas are known for having lots of new features, gimmicks, and modes, so it should come as no surprise that braking (or Stop Mode) includes some sub-options, too. 
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What is Tesla Stop Mode?

Tesla’s Stop Mode goes hand in hand with its regenerative braking feature. Using Stop Mode makes it so that your car comes to a stop in the most efficient way. If you’re in stop-and-go traffic, for example, you might want your car to roll forward when you take your foot off of the brake. If you’re in a standstill line at the drive-through, though, you probably want your car to stay still.
There are three sub-categories to choose from when setting up Stop Mode:

Hold Mode

If your Tesla is in Hold Mode, it will slow and come to a complete stop without you pressing the brake. Your car will remain stopped as long as you keep your foot off of the accelerator pedal.

Creep Mode

When your Tesla is in Creep Mode, your car will behave much like a standard gas-powered vehicle. This means that when you take your foot off of the brake, your car will begin to move forward very slowly. This is a good option for drivers whoa re still getting used to operating a Tesla.

Roll Mode

In Tesla’s Roll Mode, your vehicle will behave very similarly to a vehicle in neutral. This means that if you come to a stop on an incline, your car will roll without automatically engaging the brakes.
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How to turn on Stop Mode

In order to turn on Stop Mode, your vehicle must be in Park. Once you’re parked on a flat surface, you can turn on Stop Mode by following these directions:
  1. On your display, select Controls.
  2. From there, select Pedals and Steering.
  3. Next, select Stopping Mode.
  4. From there, you should see options for each of the Stop Mode subcategories detailed above. Select the one you’d like to use.

Which Teslas have Stop Mode?

Stop Mode and its various options are available in the
Model 3
and the
Model Y
. Other Tesla models don't include Stop Mode—you’ll have to manually control your car’s stopping behaviors by using the brake, just like you would in a standard gas-powered vehicle.

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There’s no impact on the battery when you put your Tesla in Stop Mode. You can leave your vehicle running in Stop Mode for just as long as you could leave it idling in one of the more traditional modes.
No! In fact, it can make driving safer in certain conditions, since you’ll know exactly how your car will behave when it begins to slow down or hit the brakes.
Yes! While you can disable automatic braking by selecting Controls > Autopilot > Automatic Emergency Braking on your display, it’s recommended that you keep automatic braking enabled for your own safety.
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