What Is Tesla Sport Mode?

Tesla Sport Mode keeps you moving at normal levels of acceleration. Learn more here!
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Teslas have a lot of special modes drivers can use to get the best performance out of their vehicle. Some of these can be very unique, but the Tesla Sport mode is pretty simple—it provides the normal level of acceleration for your Tesla.
Teslas feature at least three acceleration modes: Chill, Sport, and Insane (called Plaid on performance vehicles). Sport mode is the default mode for your Tesla, giving you access to normal levels of acceleration.
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What is Tesla Sport mode? 

Tesla’s Sport mode is one of three acceleration modes available on most Teslas. Sport mode is the default acceleration mode for your Tesla, giving you access to normal levels of acceleration and performance.
To understand Sport mode better, it may help to know what the other two modes do. Teslas also feature Chill mode and Insane or Plaid mode. 
  • Chill mode limits acceleration for a smoother, gentler ride. When Chill mode is activated, Chill displays on the instrument panel above your driving speed.
  • Insane mode gives you access to the maximum available acceleration. 
Tesla Model X
adds a fourth mode for your driving excitement: Drag Strip Mode. This super-performance mode preconditions the temperatures on your Model X’s battery and drive unit for timed acceleration. If you’re on a closed course and you feel safe, slip your Model X into Drag Strip Mode and relax as the front end settles into “Cheetah Stance.” Once you see “Cheetah Stance Enabled” and “Ready to Launch” on your instrument panel, release the brake pedal and hang on.

How to turn on Tesla Sport mode

Your Tesla is automatically set to Sport mode, so there’s no need to turn it on. If you’ve engaged Chill or Insane/Plaid mode, you can return to Sport mode by following these steps: 
  • Touch Controls on the instrument panel
  • Touch Pedals and Steering
  • Touch Acceleration
  • Touch Sport
An even easier way to switch back to Tesla Sport mode is to just tell your Tesla to do it for you—literally! Say, “Turn Sport mode on,” and your car will automatically shift into Sport mode.

How long can you leave Tesla Sport mode on?

Tesla Sport mode is your Tesla’s default acceleration mode, so unless you manually change it to Chill or Insane/Plaid, it will always run in Sport mode.

Which Teslas have Sport mode?

Since it’s the default acceleration mode for all Tesla models, Tesla Sport mode is a feature on every Tesla made today.

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Yes! It allows the default level of access to acceleration capabilities for your car, so it is fully legal to use.
Yes—every Tesla Model 3 has Sport mode.
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