2022 Tesla Model X Battery Charge Time

If the battery dies in your 2022 Tesla Model X, it can take anywhere from six hours to almost two days to fully charge it again.
Written by Zachary Morgan
Reviewed by Brenna Swanston
The quickest and most efficient way to charge the battery on a 2022 Tesla Model X is to use one of Tesla’s many 250kW Superchargers, which can provide 175 miles of driving range with just a 15-minute charge. If you’re charging at home, though, it can take almost two days to fully charge your battery.
Sure, figuring out exactly how long you have to wait for your car to charge can be an aggravating part of owning a Tesla—but it still beats paying for gas. If you’re thinking about buying a 2022 Tesla Model X, then it’s a good idea to research the charging process beforehand, especially if you’re new to electric vehicles (EVs).

How long does a 2022 Tesla Model X take to charge?

The short version: between six hours and (almost) two days for a full charge (0 to 100%).
The long version: your Tesla Models X’s charging time has a lot to do with the specific charger you’re using. All Tesla vehicles can charge their batteries from multiple different sources, from a humble wall outlet in your home to the advanced Supercharger at your local gas station. The trick is, though, that these sources tend to charge at different speeds. Some methods are significantly faster than others, which is why estimated charging times can vary so widely.
One thing to keep in mind is that both trims for the 2022 Model X—Base and Plaid—use the same
100kWh battery
. Performance may vary between the two models, but charging times are more or less the same.
With that being said, let’s take a closer look at these various charging methods and see how they compare against one another.
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At-home charging speeds for a 2022 Tesla Model X

The easiest way to charge your Model X is to simply plug it into the wall like any other appliance! All Teslas are sold with a NEMA-15 charging cable, which is capable of plugging directly into any old standard three-prong 120-volt outlet. While this is a pretty cool way to charge your Tesla, it’s also the slowest (by a pretty wide margin).
A 120-volt household outlet (also known as a Level 1 charger) charges your Model X at a rate of around seven miles of range per hour. That means it would take almost two full days (44 hours) to fully charge your Model X with a wall outlet!
If you don’t like those numbers, you could pump them up a bit by purchasing a
NEMA 14-50 adapter
for your charging cable, which will allow you to connect to a larger 240-volt outlet. This type of outlet isn’t as common—usually reserved for bigger appliances like a washing machine or an oven—but it increases your Model X’s charging speed to 20 miles of range an hour. This is known as a Level 2 charger, and it would take roughly 15 hours to fully charge your Model X using this method.
If you don’t mind spending a little extra, you could purchase a Tesla
Wall Connector
for your house. The Wall Charger increases your charging speed to 35 miles of range per hour, meaning you could charge your Model X from 0-100% in a little under ten hours. The catch is that it costs $500 to install and the job must be performed by a certified Tesla electrician.
Home charging method
2022 Model X charge time (both trims)
120-volt outlet (Level 1)
44 hours
240-volt outlet w/NEMA adapter (Level 2)
15 hours
Wall connector (Level 2)
10 hours

Public charging speeds for a 2022 Tesla Model X 

When it comes to home charging, you can’t beat the Tesla Wall Connector. If you want to see real sci-fi charging speeds, though, you’ll need to use a public charger. Of these, there are a few different kinds you should familiarize yourself with: public Level 2 stations, public DC fast charging stations (Level 3), and Tesla superchargers. 
A public Level 2 charging station will have a similar charging time as your Wall Connector at home, so you can expect to add around 35 miles of driving range per hour.
It’s when you move on to DC fast charging that things start to pick up speed, thanks to the use of direct current (DC) in the charging process. DC stations can achieve a charging rate of 150 kW or more, compared to the 7.4-11 kW range for Level 1 and 2 stations. DC charging stations will juice your Tesla up with almost 50 miles of driving range per hour and can charge your battery from 20% to 80% in as little as 25 minutes.
Finally, there’s the Tesla Supercharger network, which is composed of thousands of Level 3 DC chargers across the country. You can find Superchargers in many different public places—like gas stations, rest areas, hotels, shopping malls, and parking garages, to name a few. These absolute units can charge at a maximum rate of 250 kW and can boost your driving range by as much as 175 miles in a mere 15 minutes!
Superchargers are popping up in more and more places with each passing week, but you can also use this handy-dandy
Tesla Supercharger map
to find the one nearest you. It’s also great for planning a road trip, which is made even easier by the fact that Superchargers are often found along major highways and interstates.
Bottom line: the Tesla Supercharger is easily the best and fastest way to charge your 2022 Model X. After all, charging your battery from 20% to 80% in less than half an hour is nothing to shake a stick at. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that charge speeds vary throughout the charging process. Essentially, your battery will charge very fast when it’s low on power but will slow down significantly once it reaches 80%.
We’ll leave you with one final tip—preconditioning your battery. If you enter a Supercharger location into your Tesla navigation system, your vehicle will automatically start preparing the battery for charging by making sure it’s at an optimal temperature by the time you arrive!
If you’re curious about Level 3 charging times for other Tesla vehicles, take a look at the table below.
Tesla vehicle
Miles of range per 15 minutes of Supercharger use
Tesla Model 3
175 miles
Tesla Model S
163 miles
Tesla Model Y
158 miles
Tesla Model X
175 miles
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