The Tesla Model X From 2020-2022: Part of the Electric Revolution

The Tesla Model X’s price range has changed dramatically over the last few years. Do the changes to the car make the cost increase worth it?
Written by Andrew Koole
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Tesla has been at the forefront of
electric vehicles
since the automaker came on the scene, and since 2016, the Model X has been part of that legacy. 
The falcon-winged electric crossover brought more seats and cargo space to an already impressive lineup that included the O.G. Roadster, and the Model S. 
In the last few years, Tesla’s first three-rowed vehicle has had a bit of a reputation makeover. Rather than act as the EV maker’s stand-in for a family car, the Model X has become an electric-powered supercar humiliator. 
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, took a closer look at the last three years of the Model X to track the crossover’s journey from futuristic people-carrier to drag race superstar.

2020: the Tesla Model X runs a familiar course

Tesla doesn’t run like most automakers. While new model years can bring substantial changes to most gas-powered cars, Tesla updates its vehicles from month to month. 
The constant software updates and mechanical improvements make each model’s evolution a little harder to follow, but
Car and Driver
says that from 2019 to 2020, the Model X gained more efficient motors, faster chargers, and a fully adaptive air suspension system. 
But beyond that, the Model X played a similar role it had been in the four years prior. Tesla upgraded the base model’s range to 258 miles from 238, and its starting price dropped $2,000 to $81,190, but it was otherwise the same Model X available in 2019. 
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2021: Plaid comes into play

A lot of factors went into the Model X’s evolution over the last two years, from range changes to a new steering yoke. But the most significant one might’ve been the introduction of a completely new vehicle, the Model Y. 
Though slightly smaller than the Model X, the Model Y had many of the same features as its older sibling. It had the same seven seats, the same stereo, and the same glass roof. The only significant difference in hardware was the Model X’s air suspension.
To set the Model X apart, Tesla offered its new performance package, dubbed “Plaid,” in the crossover, and left it off the list of trims available for the Model Y. Thanks to its third motor, the upgrade allowed the Model X to reach 60 miles per hour in a shocking 2.5 seconds.  
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How did the Model X change in 2022?

The most recent Model X has pulled even further away from its younger sibling. Tesla did away with the lower trims, making the Long Range Model X the entry point for the crossover. That makes the starting price for the Model X $116,440.
In essence, Tesla has organized their lineup into two categories. The Model Y and Model 3 belong in a lower bracket and work together to bring electric vehicles to a larger market. The Roadster, Model S, and Model X, on the other hand, are Tesla’s performance luxury vehicles.
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