Tesla Model S Battery Charge Time

Charging times for the Tesla Model S vary between 15 minutes and over six days depending on the level of charger you use and the type of Model S you have.
Written by Mary Cahill
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The Tesla Model S battery can recharge up to 187 miles of range in just 15 minutes with the 480-volt Tesla Supercharger. However, it could take anywhere from 18 hours to over six days to get your Model S fully charged if you’re plugging in at home.
If you’re new to the electric vehicle (EV) game, you’ll need to get a good grasp on charging your Tesla Model S. Knowing what to expect from your Model S’s charging times is crucial to make sure you’re ready to hit the road without your battery dying at an inconvenient time or place. 
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How long does a Tesla Model S take to charge?

Depending on the charger you use, charging your Tesla Model S could take anywhere from 15 minutes to almost a week
Your Tesla Model S’s battery will have enough juice to take you another 187 miles or so when you plug into your local shopping plaza’s Tesla Supercharger station. The Tesla Supercharger is a public charging station that offers the most efficient charge by way of Tesla’s specially developed 480-volt direct current charging technology
Charge times will vary slightly depending on the trim of Model S you’re driving. The 2022 Tesla Model S Base with 396 miles of range will get a full charge slightly faster than the performance-minded Model S Plaid with its 405 miles of range.  There are also Performance and Long Range options for the Tesla Model S, but neither affects the battery size. 
The Supercharger can’t be beaten when it comes to fast charging no matter what configuration Model S you drive, but how long will other chargers take to power up your Model S? Let’s take a more detailed look at what you can expect from other Tesla charging methods. 

At-home charging speeds for a Tesla Model S

For many EV owners, the go-to method for at-home charging is plugging into a regular three-pronged outlet, also known as Level 1 charging. This is the slowest way to charge your Tesla, providing just three miles of range per hour with the included NEMA 5-15 plug. That means it can take betweenfive to six days to accomplish a full recharge.
This method is good for quick top-off after a trip to the grocery store—not a full week of commuting. If you have a home outlet that can accommodate the 240-volt NEMA 14-50 charger that’s also included in your Telsa purchase, the Model S’s charging time reduces significantly to between 17 and 21 hours for a full recharge. 
Arguably, the most optimal at-home charging method would be the Tesla Wall Connector. Wall Connectors can typically charge a Model S in about 11 to 14 hours. This is the fastest and easiest way to charge your Model S at home—just plug it in overnight and you’ll be able to greet the day with a fully charged battery.
The only downside of a Wall Connector is the price.
Ordering a Wall connector
will set you back about $400, plus another $750 to $1,500 to have the Wall Connector
by a qualified electrician. 
Here is an overview of how these at-home charging methods differ from one another for the Model S:
Home charging method
Model S charge time
Model S Plaid charge time
120-volt outlet w/ NEMA 5-15 charger (Level1)
5.37 days
6.97 days
240-volt outlet w/ NEMA 14-50 charger (Level 2)
16.82 hours
21.82 hours
Wall Connector (Level 2)
11.38 hours
14.76 hours

Public charging speeds for a Tesla Model S 

Tesla’s Wall Connector has made at-home charging faster, but it still can’t compare to the charging speeds of public Tesla chargers. Not all public chargers have the power of the almighty Supercharger though—you may encounter Level 2 public chargers and DC fast chargersin addition to Supercharger stations. 
As its designation suggests, Level 2 public chargers will mimic the capacity of an at-home Wall Connector, which means their output will get you about 30 to 40miles of rangeper hour
DC fast charging speeds things up significantly. These public chargers utilize direct current technology which can do wonders for a low Model S battery. In less than 30 minutes, you could bring your Tesla’s battery percentage from about 20% to 80%
If you’re Tesla is telling you to get to a charger—and fast—the Supercharger is your best friend. These days, malls, shopping plazas, and many major routes across the country have set up rows of Tesla Superchargers in their parking lots. Hook your model S up to one of these mega-watt charging stations and you’ll gain up to 187 moles of range in a mere 15 minutes
Keep in mind that public charging is not free—unless you happen to be grandfathered into Tesla’s unlimited Supercharging policy that ended in April of 2017. You might be able to find some complementary Level 2 charging stations, but you should anticipate paying somewhere in the vicinity of $0.25per kWh to power up at a Supercharger station.  
With that in mind, let’s review the charging times for all Tesla models:
Tesla vehicle
Miles of range per 15 minutes of Supercharger use
175 miles
Tesla Model S
163 miles
158 miles
142 miles
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