What Is Tesla Joe Mode?

Tesla Joe Mode lowers the security chime volume in the rear seat so it doesn’t disturb passengers.
Written by Olivia Rose
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
If you’re worried about the security chime on your Tesla disrupting sleeping children in the back seat, just enable Tesla Joe Mode—it keeps the chime quiet in the rear and loud in the front so everyone stays safe and undisturbed. 
No one wants to worry about whether their sleeping baby is going to wake up from an unexpected loud noise—especially when that noise is coming from your own car. And when a guy named Joe was having this exact issue with his Tesla security chimes, Tesla heard his complaint—and came up with “Joe Mode.”
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What is Tesla Joe Mode? 

Named after some plain old Joe—seriously—on the internet who thought of the idea, Tesla Joe Mode is a setting that reduces the volume of your Tesla’s security chime in the rear seat area. The point? Keep the chime quiet in the back so it doesn’t bother rear seat passengers. But the chime will stay totally audible in the front for the driver. 
The origin story of Joe Mode really is a fun one, although simple. Some guy named Joe complained to Elon Musk on Twitter that the security chimes in his Tesla were so loud that they were waking up his sleeping baby in the back seat. For the next software update, Tesla added “Joe Mode” to the lineup of updates. It really does pay to give companies honest feedback!

How to turn on Tesla Joe Mode

The steps to turning on Tesla Joe Mode are actually remarkably simple! On your Tesla’s screen, click Controls > Safety and Security > Joe Mode. That’s it! You’ll be set—and Tesla Joe Mode has no time limit since it’s really just a volume setting at its core. 
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Which Teslas have Joe Mode? 

If you’re wondering whether your Tesla has the ability to enable Joe Mode, it all comes down to software. All Teslas running Software Version 10.0 or higher have Joe Mode in their settings. If you can’t find Joe Mode in your settings, make sure your Tesla software is fully updated!

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Tesla Joe Mode came out of a simple complaint of a guy named Joe on Twitter, directed at Elon Musk. His baby girl was being woken up in the car by his Tesla’s loud security chime. So for the next software update, Tesla released Joe Mode, a setting that dampens the security chime in the rear seat so it doesn’t disturb passengers.
It sure can! Any Tesla running Software Version 10.0 or later has the ability to enable Joe Mode.
A man named Joe complained on Twitter that his Tesla’s security chime was waking up his daughter in the back seat—and that’s what led to the Tesla Joe Mode!
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