What Is Tesla Fart Mode?

If you want to humiliate one of your passengers or a pedestrian outside your Tesla, you need to know about Tesla fart mode.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Aug 10, 2022
If you love a good prank, you will love Tesla’s fart mode. This feature allows drivers to play a farting noise through any internal speaker or use Tesla’s Pedestrian Warning System to expel flatulent noises outside the car. 
If you’re as excited as we here at Jerry are about this feature, read on for everything you need to know about Tesla’s fart mode.

What is Tesla fart mode?

Tesla’s fart mode, which resides in the Toybox inside the car’s Entertainment menu, allows you to use any of the car’s interior speakers to expel farting sounds. You can also use your Tesla’s Pedestrian Warning System to play farting sounds outside the vehicle. 
Now, we here at Jerry are often asked when it is appropriate to use fart mode. We thought long and hard about it, and here are our conclusions:
  • To embarrass your in-laws
  • To embarrass your boss
  • To embarrass your children in front of their friends
  • To embarrass your children’s friends (they will not get off scot-free)
  • To amuse yourself when you’re driving a car full of people and no one is talking
  • To confuse your dog or cat
  • To annoy your spouse
The great thing about Tesla’s fart mode is you can direct which interior speaker makes a farting sound, thereby isolating blame on your chosen (perceived) gas-passer. 
You can use the Pedestrian Warning System to make a farting sound outside your Tesla, but this can only be done when the car is in park. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration insisted this be the case, as it worried making such sounds could pose a safety issue for pedestrians.
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How to turn on Tesla fart mode

When you’re ready to fill your Tesla cabin with the worst (sounding) flatulence ever, just follow these simple steps:
  • On the touchscreen go into the Entertainment section
  • Select Emissions Testing Mode
  • Tap the whoopie cushion icon 
  • Choose either fart on command or fart using turn signal
  • Select your fart sound (this is key)
  • Choose which seat (and which passenger) you would like to designate as the source of the most foul-sounding flatulence ever heard in a vehicle
  • Tap the chosen seat—hilarity ensues
To send fart sounds ricocheting off the eardrums of innocent pedestrians outside your Tesla, follow these steps:
  • Enter the Entertainment section
  • Pick Emissions Testing Mode
  • Touch the whoopie cushion icon 
  • Pick either fart on command or fart using turn signal
  • Select your flatulence sound (this is key)
  • Instead of selecting the seat, pick the external speaker 
  • Use the left scroll wheel button or the left turn signal to play fart noises outside your Tesla
Who knew a car could be this much fun?

How long can you leave Tesla fart mode on?

Technically, you can use Tesla’s Fart mode as often and as long as you want. Ultimately, it's up to the driver how much toilet humor can be tolerated.

Which Teslas have fart mode? 

All Tesla models equipped with an external speaker have fart mode.

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