Take a Look at Mercedes' New EQB EV

Mercedes just extended its EV lineup in the U.S. with a new SUV. Will the EQB make the same kind of splash here that it did in Europe?
Written by Andrew Koole
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Like almost every legacy brand, Mercedes is moving quickly into the world of
electric vehicles
. The company already introduced the EQS sedan to the U.S. market, and now it’s adding the EQB, an SUV, to the mix. 
The EQB has already been released in Asia and Europe, but it’s brand new to North American drivers. It’s just the latest step in the German automaker’s plan to go all-electric by the end of the decade.
, your car insurance
super app
, took a closer look at his new luxury EV to show where it sits in its automaker’s EV strategy.

Mercedes EQB—the electric Mercedes GLB

Most Americans think of Mercedes as a luxury brand, and in many cases, that label is an accurate one. But the German company offers vehicles with a wide range of prices.
The GLB—the gas-powered SUV the EQB is based on—sits near the bottom of that range with a starting price of just over $39,000. Naturally, the all-electric EQB starts higher than that, but at $56,800, it’s easier on your bank account than most luxury electric SUVs. 
In terms of design, very little distinguishes the EQB from the GLB. A new grille, some changes to lighting, and a few rounded exterior corners are pretty much all that separate it visually from its internal combustion-powered sibling.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hasn’t tested the EQB’s range yet, but experts predict that the
electric SUV
will manage about 260 miles before needing to recharge.
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The EQB is just the beginning of Mercedes’ EV plans

Following the EQS, the EQB will be the second electric vehicle from Mercedes to make it to America. But the company has already introduced the EQA in Europe and China, and
says the EQE and EQG models are on their way to those markets as well.
The five EVs will set the foundation for the legendary automaker’s all-electric transformation that will span its Benz, AMG, and Maybach lineups. The shift, which Mercedes expects to complete by 2030, is expected to cost at least $47 billion.
Besides the new car designs, the investment will be used to build eight new battery-making facilities. It’s an aggressive strategy, but one that could help Mercedes get a headstart, as the European Union (EU) has instituted a new law that would ban the sale of new gas cars by 2035.
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What does a Mercedes EQB cost to own?

A $56,800 starting price doesn’t exactly put the EQB in the category of affordable electric vehicles, but anyone with a federal tax bill over $7,500 can apply the EV credit to make the electric SUV more worth their while.
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