What is Taiga Motors?

Taiga Motors is riding the electricity wave—literally. Here’s how it’s powering personal watercrafts and snowmobiles.
Written by Alex Reale
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
EV world
has been a commercial driver’s delight for some time now, and the array of options for embracing an all-electric driving experience grows more dizzying by the day. Customers who were once begrudgingly driving a
2004 Prius
can now reserve a cutting-edge
Fisker Ocean
or a Model X that parks itself. 
But it isn’t just the trip to Costco that’s e-powered anymore: now the outdoor sports people are clamoring for their turn. 
Meet Taiga Motors, a company that makes vehicles for “off-road powersports.” Lakes and mountains, you’re part of the electric revolution now, too.

Taiga Motors offerings

Taiga Motors, which was founded in 2015 by its current CEO Samuel Bruneau, is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. The small startup builds what it calls “electric-powered off-road vehicles with smart technology.” Three of its four offerings are snowmobiles, and the last is a personal watercraft (which is the non-branded name for a Jet Ski, if anyone was wondering). 
The four vehicles have resonant names and succinct descriptions: “Ekko” is a mountain explorer, “Atlas” is a crossover, “Nomad” is a utility vehicle, and the only aquatic vehicle, “Orca,” is described as an electric personal watercraft. 
Unlike the electric cars that roam the roads, with their shiny shells and angular logos, these vehicles don’t look markedly different from their gas-powered counterparts. But it can’t be denied: the striking red of the Ekko is as stylish as anything.
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Electric advantages for outdoor enthusiasts

Taiga Motors makes a compelling case for both individuals and commercial outfits. 
Perhaps the strongest argument for the individual buyer is the wordless one. Put your headphones away and press play on any of its first-person-POV videos. Anyone in your immediate vicinity at the coffee shop won’t curse you for your lack of social graces: the typical buzz saw sound of a snowmobile is utterly absent. You’ll cruise down that mountain and only hear the whoosh of snow. 
And for companies who make their money on renting large numbers of these vehicles out, the electric route can be particularly advantageous. For one thing, says
, a software company whose products underpin Taiga’s capabilities, operators have access to battery information that makes tracking charge and maintenance needs very easy. 
Plus, no gas means no wondering about local pipelines to the lake, and battery-powered engines only need “suspension greasing and standard coolant.” That’s a pretty short list, compared to a gas-powered engine. 
Anyone with a phalanx of electric-powered off-road vehicles can rejoice: fleet management looks a whole lot easier with a bit of electricity in the mix.

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