Rivian Is Partnering With Clearloop To Make a More Sustainable Planet

Rivian is partnering with Clearloop to provide renewable energy through solar panel plants in Tennessee.
Written by Serena Aburahma
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Rivian is one of the latest entrants into the automotive sector with an eagle's eye for the future. It started as a fledgling manufacturer a little over a decade ago, and currently, Rivian is venturing deeply into other sectors like renewable energy. 
A few weeks ago, Rivian partnered with a Nashville-based energy firm, Clearloop, to revolutionize the energy sector through solar energy. 
The thoughtful plan is expected to increase the demand for Rivian R1T electric pickup trucks and R1S electric
and reduce carbon footprint in the USA. 
Other than that, the cooperation will attract the attention of mega
firms wishing to explore greener opportunities in the EV sector. 

A few steps to the first installation

To show its seriousness and dedication to renewable energy, plans for solar firms are on the way. According to
Yahoo! Finance
, the cooperation is giving birth to the Paris Solar Farm- Puryear, an energy plant located in Henry County, Tennessee, roughly 100 miles southwest of Nashville. 
Being the first project, Paris Solar Farm is expected to poke holes in the two companies' plans. 
But fortunately, Rivian has a unique approach to ensuring this multi-billion investment stands out. The approach is a seven-year plan to witness the EV giant putting renewable energy on carbon guzzling grids. 
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Facing out fossil fuels: the objectives of Rivian and Clearloop are clear 

Though achieving carbon neutrality requires collaboration and support from major world powers, Rivian and Clearloop plan to start it at the state level with their own initiatives and resources.
This is possible because Rivian has already aligned its manufacturing goals with eco-friendly energy. Pushing their efforts further are three things.
First, Rivian has already invested a fortune to cater for 14% of the project, which is equivalent to one megawatt. This project will provide power for a multitude of Rivian Waypoint chargers dotting Tennessee state parks, as well as to neighboring businesses.
Second, long-term power purchase contracts are scaling up quickly to liquidate electricity from the state to wholesalers and retailers. While contracts are impactful at evening out the distribution of renewable energy, they have been attracting investors from other states.
Of course, this will increase the supply of clean energy and reduce the production of greenhouse gases.   
Lastly, immediate action is required when you look at the carbon emitted to produce electricity in Tennessee. The home of whiskey and country music produces 32% more carbon than Northern California per every megawatt-hour.  
So, enacting the Rivian renewable energy program will reduce the disparity in carbon production between the two states.
After all, the director of renewable energy at Rivian, Andrew Peterson, has already confirmed that transitioning to renewable energy is an urgent matter.
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How will the partnership affect Rivian?

The existence of Rivian is to create category-defining vehicles that will accelerate people towards a carbon-neutral future. With Scope 1 and 2 of its renewable energy plans on the way, the company is building hundreds of charging stations across the U.S. and Canada.
By 2032, after the complete implementation of Scope 3 plans, Rivian will have already transitioned to renewable energy and matched up all of its drivers' energy needs to green energy.
Besides, with constant involvement in renewable energy, the company is most likely to witness a surge in demand for its products.

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