Everything You Need to Know About Pontiac Electric Cars

As Pontiac’s last unit rolled off the line in 2010, this now-defunct car brand will not be adding to the electric car market.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
As of 2010, GM retired the
badge with no plans for revival, so no Pontiac cars are set to join the Electric Vehicle (EV) market.
Pontiacs were known as the performance division of General Motors thanks to their signature “Wide Track” design that allowed for superior handling at high speeds and on corners. While Pontiac performed well for decades, GM announced the badge’s retirement in 2008 among financial issues and restructuring efforts. 
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Does Pontiac have electric cars?

No. The Pontiac badge was retired in 2010. Though
had already released its first all-electric vehicle at that time, most marques were still mostly focused on hybrid options even for the two years during which Pontiac was still manufacturing before it shut down. 
That said, a few Pontiac Fieros—now referred to as the Solar Electric Engineering Destiny 2000—have been seen on Green Car Pavilions at auto shows having been converted to electric via solar panels installed on the hood and deck lid.
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How do Pontiac’s electric cars compare to competitors?

Since they don’t exist, they really don’t compare at all. If we’re to take the Destiny 2000 as an actual electric Pontiac, it still doesn’t hold a candle to today’s EVs. It does, however, give engineers a lot to think about when it comes to green energy options since its solar panels remove the need for reliance on fossil-fuel-reliant electric charging ports.
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Driving range and charging time

Technically, the answer here is zero and zero, but let's consider the Destiny 2000 again, just for giggles. The Destiny 2000’s driving range is 50 miles, but charging time is actually a moot point since the solar panels provide continuous charging, as long as the sun is out.


Why not? 
The Destiny 2000 can achieve 60-mph in 11.2 seconds—wait, what? That’s right, it takes over 11 seconds to get to 60, but that shouldn’t be too surprising, considering its top speed is only 75 mph. 

Cost of ownership

A Destiny 2000 was recently listed on Facebook Marketplace for $5000. The model was in pretty poor condition, so we can only imagine a more mint model would set you back at least a few thousand more.
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How to decide if going electric is right for you

You won’t be able to go electric in a Pontiac, but that doesn’t mean electric’s not for you. If you’re considering an electric vehicle, you’ll obviously need to consider another make, but you should also ask yourself a few important questions:
  • Can you charge it? Sure, it’s easy to charge your car at home—assuming you have a garage—but what happens when you find yourself on the road with a low charge? Do you have public charging stations in your area that can keep you from getting stranded?
  • By the way, do you have a garage? If you don’t, you’ll find it pretty tough to charge your car while it’s parked on the street or even out in your driveway.
  • How much do you drive? EVs can save you tons on fuel costs, but what about the anxiety that comes with making sure you stay within your driving range?
  • Do you like road trips? EVs are great for driving around town, but if you like heading out to small towns or visiting out-of-town family on the regular, getting a charge might become a problem.
  • Will you be towing anything? Sure, many EVs have pretty impressive towing capacities, but that increased load seriously shortens your driving range.
There are a lot of benefits to going electric, like a
$7,500 federal tax credit
, potential state EV incentives, possible rebates or incentives from your energy provider, and don’t forget the massive savings on fuel. Plus, you get to feel good about yourself for helping the environment. 
But—and this is a pretty big but—EVs also come with higher upfront costs than standard gas-powered vehicles and you can’t just “fill up” your battery at any gas station. That’s why if you’re not quite ready to pull the all-electric trigger, you might consider a fuel-efficient hybrid or even a plug-in hybrid instead.

Pontiac’s electric future

Sadly, there isn’t one, electric or otherwise. 

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