Nimbus One's Electric Bike Is Soon Becoming a Reality

The single-passenger Nimbus One electric bike combines the convenience of a motorcycle with the comfort and safety of a car.
Written by Allison Stone
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Electric vehicles
are good for more than just saving you money at the gas pump. Rechargeable cars, trucks, bikes, and
are totally revolutionizing the types of vehicles we might see on the road.
One of those vehicles is the Nimbus One. The Nimbus One is a slim, pod-like three-wheel electric bike that is completely encased in a car-like exterior. According to
Inside EVs
, it's something of a cross between an electric motorcycle and a single-passenger vehicle.
has all the info you need on this intriguing little vehicle. 

Efficiency is in 

While most American drivers still believe bigger is better, efficiency vehicles like the Nimbus One are growing in popularity. Riding an e-bike or an
electric motorcycle
is an ultra-sustainable and convenient way to get around, especially for city dwellers. Plus, in a vehicle like the Nimbus One, you can squeeze into just about any parking space. 
In the past, ulta-compact vehicles like the
Smart FourTwo
have failed to sell in the U.S. or are pulled from North American markets, but that could change as drivers are looking for ways to get around without having to succumb to ever-climbing gas prices. 
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What’s great about the Nimbus One?

If you’re interested in an e-bike or electric motorcycle but don’t want to go through the hassle of obtaining a separate license for one, you’re in luck. The Nimbus One is classified as an auto-cycle in the U.S., and thus doesn’t require drivers to go through the process of requiring a motorcycle license. 
The Nimbus One also measures just 2.75 feet wide and 7.5 feet long. It’s perfect for city dwellers who just need to make a quick grocery run or pick up packages, and can be easily navigated through busy traffic and crowded parking lots. 
The Nimbus has a top speed of 50 miles per hour, and is outfitted with a 9 kWh battery that has a range of 93 miles. On a Level 2 charger, you can recharge in just 1.2 hours, but even a standard home charger can get the job done in 5.4 hours. It also offers a digital display, Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, power windows, a built-in phone charger, and an optional air conditioning and heating system. 
Pre-orders for the Nimbus One started earlier in June, 2022, and will have a retail price of around $9,980 once available.

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