New Gemini Battery Could Give a BMW iX Over 600 Miles of Range

Find out more about the Gemini battery pack from ONE, and how BMW is teaming up with the battery producer to offer a 600-mile range on their BMW iX.
Written by Jason Crosby
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Until recently, Lucid has been among the few companies to offer a battery range past 500 miles, but BMW is about to blow everyone else out of the water. Imagine a
with an over 600-mile battery range—a vehicle many EV owners used to dream of. Now it’s a reality, but how did BMW manage to finesse its way into the 600-mile club? 
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BMW iX will be paired with a new Gemini battery 

explains, BMW recently signed an agreement with battery manufacturer ONE in order to drop a highly-advanced Gemini model EV battery into the BMW iX in the future. The agreement will be finalized by the end of 2022, much to the excitement of BMW fans. 
It’s not exactly a random partnership—BMW has invested around $65 million into ONE, helping the battery designing company to gain a strong foothold in the EV market. ONE has designed the BMW iX’s battery to use 20% less lithium and 60% less graphite than conventional EV batteries, which are notably dependent on both elements. 
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Has ONE worked with any other EV companies? 

Despite BMW having a significant amount of money invested into ONE, the company has also experimented with Tesla’s Model S. 
The company amazingly generated a 752-mile battery range on the
Model S
using the same Gemini battery pack, but it’s worth noting that Tesla wasn’t involved in the experiment. It’s incredible that such a resource-efficient battery could produce such extended ranges in both Tesla and BMW models. 
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How did ONE generate a 700-plus-mile battery range on a Tesla?

Okay, there’s one point we should include: ONE drove the Tesla Model S at an average speed of 55 mph in order to generate such a high battery range. 
It’s unlikely they did the same for the BMW iX, considering the Gemini battery pack being used for the iX was built in cooperation with BMW. Whereas with their Model S experiment, ONE simply retrofitted the Gemini pack on the car afterward, just as an experiment. 
The company also claims to have made a longer, 800-mile trip in the same Tesla Model S, but again, it’s likely they were traveling above 55 mph to reach such a high battery range. 
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