Muscle Car vs. Sports Car: Which One is Going Electric Faster?

When it comes to electric sports cars versus electric muscle cars only electric sports cars have been produced.
Written by Serena Aburahma
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
red electric sports car Porsche taycan
Electric vehicles
are taking over, and manufacturers are bringing all types of cars into the age of the EV.
Electric vehicle models are selling quickly
, and manufacturers have set goals to either fully or partially convert their lineups entirely to EVs. Longtime auto enthusiasts may be wondering, though, how will electric muscle cars and sports cars look?
According to
, Porsche has already released their first electric car, the Taycan. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the first electric muscle car.

Porsche has already launched a fantastic electric sports car

One benefit that sports cars have vs. muscle cars is that the definition of a sports car is looser. There are many body types and styles that can be considered a sports car, meaning that buyers have plenty of sports car options. Electric sports cars like the Tesla Model S and Lucid Air have already been showing off their speed capabilities. 
Porsche's first electric sports car, the Taycan, does not come as just one body design. The base Taycan is a sports sedan, but the Cross Turismo incorporates elements of a crossover. It may be similar to an SUV, but it still earns the title of a sports car.
And according to, it's a fantastic car. It produces 470 horsepower and can accelerate as any sports car can. The Taycan looks like a Porsche too, which can help Porsche purists transition away from gas.
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Dodge will release an electric muscle car... eventually

MORE: The Porsche Taycan Has a Long Waitlist
So, electric sports cars are already popular, but what about electric muscle cars? Dodge, arguably the most recognizable name in muscle cars with their Challenger and Charger, has announced that they will introduce an electric music car. However,
The Verge
states that this won't come out until 2024, and few details exist about this EV yet.
This is because Dodge's parent company, Stellantis, has been slow to develop electric vehicles in general. Chrysler, another Stellantis brand, recently showed off a new electric crossover SUV which is a big step in future Stellantis EVs.
However, for the moment, fans will have to wait for further information about electric muscle cars. 

How will the future of electric cars look?

The Porsche Taycan demonstrates how an electric sports car can look as stylish and drive as smoothly as a gas-powered model. Plus, the writer of the article noted that there were some hidden benefits that he didn't expect. Being able to charge while you're parked at the store is far more convenient than filling up at a station.
However, the writer also noted a downside with the Taycan that could be an issue for sports car fans. 
Even though the Porsche Taycan was, in many ways, one of the best cars he's ever driven, it felt like something was missing. The sounds of the engine and the feeling of a traditional gas-powered car are simply hard to replicate with an EV. 
This doesn't mean that the future of EVs is bleak, though. Some people may struggle to initially adapt to the changes that electric vehicles bring. However, the growing number of electric options means that there is bound to be an EV for everyone.

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