The Most Common Tesla Model 3 Complaints

People rave about their Teslas, but they aren’t exactly perfect. What problems and complaints reveal themselves after a few years of ownership?
Written by Andrew Koole
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
If you want to get an electric car, chances are you’ve looked into a Tesla Model 3. The EV is the second-best-selling model in the U.S, only trailing its sibling, the Model Y, in sales last year.
It’s no surprise that the two top EVs are made by
. The company has single-handedly pushed the auto industry into the electric revolution, with 100-year-old brands trying desperately to keep up. 
But is owning a Tesla all sunshine and roses? Not exactly. While owners generally love their Teslas, there are a few common complaints.
, your car-ownership
super app
, took a closer look at the features of a Model 3 that have room for improvement.

Physical flaws of a Tesla Model 3

A Tesla is a well-designed car. In fact, its style has been so successful that it’s been imitated by more than one rival brand. But there are a couple minor design flaws that can make life a little inconvenient for drivers.
Many of these issues show themselves as the weather changes. When it rains, for example, Josh from
6 Months Later Reviews
says water will drain into your trunk whenever you open it. 
But the worst weather-related problem has more to do with your Model 3’s battery than its body. Like any EV, cold weather negatively impacts your battery range. To be fair, this is a problem with every electric car and isn’t a Tesla-specific problem.
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Software stress for Tesla owners

All in all, the Model 3’s physical features function better than most competing EVs. Its the digital ones that get it in deeper water.
Despite the high praise the company gets for its software updates, they actually make things worse sometimes. Josh says recent updates made heat heaters and
tire pressure
less accessible.
Lack of support for Carplay and Android Auto is another common grievance from Tesla owners. Tesla could manage without if it have enough apps on board to make up for the difference, but it doesn’t.
But the main problems with Tesla’s software are found in its most advanced programs. Many drivers experiences glitches in AutoPilot and
Full Self-Driving
modes, from accidents and close calls to phantom braking. 
These issues could be easily avoided if Telsa also offered a regular cruise-control program, but right now, it’s AutoPilot, Fell Self-Driving, or nothing.
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Overall, Tesla Model 3 reviews are good

Based on the list above alone, you might think owning a Tesla is a big pain in the rear. But Josh says that after four years of owning his Model 3, he wouldn’t drive anything else. 
The car performs beautifully and even with the effects of the weather, he had no problem getting where he needed to go, thanks to Tesla’s comprehensive
charging network
Of course, buying a Model 3 isn’t cheap. While Elon Musk aimed to offer it for $35,000, right now the car starts at $47,000.
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