The Mini Concept Aceman Is a Tempting Glance at Future EVs for Mini

Follow along as we explain why the Mini Concept Aceman is a tantalizing look at Mini’s future EV plans—but we may all end up waiting a few years to see things come to fruition.
Written by Jason Crosby
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Concept cars can be fun to look at, exciting to dream of owning, and can spark interest in a brand’s vision for the future. But they can also be a letdown because, too often, these awesome concept vehicles don’t come to fruition. The Mini Concept Aceman is no exception, but this time, we feel like there’s a powerful EV powertrain to look forward to in future
electric MINI models
. And the Mini Concept Aceman is only a taste of what’s to come. 
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Is the Mini Concept Aceman a waste of time?

Clear Technica
points out, the Mini Concept Aceman is all concept. Like a Pixar film, it’s a beautifully-rendered but entirely imaginative work of art that’s meant to inspire and mystify the public at the same time. 
The author posits that it’s a waste of time for carmakers to focus so much time and money on concept vehicles that are hardly ever put into production. However, this isn’t necessarily true—and it may not be the point of concept cars, actually.
The Mini Concept Aceman has a minimalistic interior, composed of knitted textiles, seamless digital controls, and a new, massive OLED display below what resembles a sound bar. Running lights and widely-flared wheel arches add an urban charm to it—but its powertrain remains a mystery.   
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The Mini Concept Aceman is an electrifying look at Mini’s future powertrain options

also offers coverage of the Mini Concept Aceman, though notably without any powertrain specifications—because no one (besides Mini) knows what is under the Aceman’s hood. We currently know that
Mini Cooper
EVs are being temperature-tested in the Arctic to ensure they’re up to par for the 2024 model year, but that’s still almost two years away. 
Instead of being frustrated with the lack of insight into Mini’s EV game plan, it’s beneficial to remember that Mini is owned by BMW. Right now, BMW is currently working on a
Gemini battery
for the iX that offers 600-plus miles of range. 
So, while the Mini Concept Aceman and Mini Cooper are certainly far different vehicles, with BMW’s engineering capabilities, we shouldn’t be too quick to assume that the Mini Concept Aceman’s blueprints will just disappear into the sands of time. 

What current EVs does Mini offer?

Right now, Mini currently offers only one EV model—​​the
Mini Electric Hardtop
. With 181 horsepower, it’s not underpowered for its size, has a
starting price
of around $30,000, but has a measly battery range of 110 miles. Not exactly the best road trip car. 
Still, it’s no slouch, doing 0-60 in around six seconds, while also offering a wide range of safety features such as pedestrian detection, rain-sensing windshield wipers and headlights, and self-park assist. It may be a few years before we see a better battery range in Mini models, but they’re coming. The Mini Concept Aceman demonstrates just that.

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