Lumen Freedom Is Making EV Charging Wireless

Find out how Lumen Freedom, a little-known Australian tech company, was recently awarded a patent for their wireless charging designs—a major step toward making EVs mainstream.
Written by Jason Crosby
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Wireless charging
: it’s been hailed as one of the next milestones of
electric vehicle
technology. Many ideas and prototypes have been worked on, but have not come to fruition. That is until recently, when one Australian car company, Lumen Freedom, had its wireless charging technology patented. Say hello to the future. 
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Lumen Freedom’s wireless charging becomes patented

Lumen Freedom is an Australian company that we’re betting you haven’t heard of—but you’ll probably hear quite a bit more in the months to come. Now that they’ve received a patent for their wireless charging technology, they could be instrumental in the future of EVs and how these new vehicles function in our daily lives. 
reports, Lumen Freedom has been working steadily over the past 4 years to bring its wireless charging designs to fruition. 
Drive indicates that the Australian-based tech company believes that its designs will revolutionize the car industry, and help to make EVs a more practical choice for drivers. These are bold words—can Lumen Freedom actually back up their claims? 
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Lumen Freedom’s street cred

Even though they’re based in Australia, Lumen Freedom has 12 facilities across the globe, and has dedicated much of its resources and engineering capacity toward developing a wireless charging system. 
In order for an EV to be charged wirelessly, it needs three things: a power source for wireless power transfers, a ground assembly (such as an induction pad), and a corresponding mated vehicle component. These three developments have held most other companies back—but Lumen Freedom has designed all three, beating competitors to the finish line and scoring a historic landmark patent. 
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Lumen Freedom’s history

Despite making headlines across the world this year, Lumen Freedom isn’t a new startup competing against the old guard. Lumen Freedom has actually been around for over 30 years, having started in the ‘90s. 
They’ve worked primarily with automakers as an electrical parts supplier, and it seems that their previous work has set the stage for their most recent accomplishment. Lumen Freedom plans to work with major car companies to ensure that its wireless charging capabilities are compatible with upcoming EV models. 
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