The Latest News on the DeLorean Alpha5

Jump “Back to the Future” with the new Alpha5 set to premiere this August. With trick doors and aerodynamic styling, is this luxury EV worth the wait?
Written by Elaine Duvet
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Set to debut in August at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the reinvented DeLorean will reveal a
sports car concept, the Alpha5 EV.
, the
car ownership super app
, checks out the latest throwback to the future from the DeLorean Motor Company.

Designed with purpose

It’s been over four decades since the original DMC DeLorean hit the market, and we are ready for a new gullwing-door sports car. The born-again vehicle will feature its famous trick door design, louvered rear window, and new sleek styling.
DeLorean CEO Joost de Vries assured buyers that the Alpha5 will stand up to the Mercedes-AMG GT and potentially high-end Porsche Taycans as well. The Alpha5 is actually meant to cater to the gas-powered crowd instead of trying to become quicker than the Tesla Model S Plaid.
According to
Car and Driver
, “The Alpha5's powertrain is a far different animal relative to the low-powered rear-mounted six-cylinder of the original DeLorean, as the new car relies on electricity for motivation.” 
We expect a 300-mile driving range at a minimum and at least a 100-kWh battery capacity. The GT-style four-seater has two doors that surprisingly provide easy access for both the front and back seats. 
Car and Driver tells us that the “Italdesign-penned bodywork appears to emphasize the car’s aerodynamics, with the concept’s canopy seemingly mimicking the basic style of an airplane fuselage, getting narrower as it goes from the A-pillars toward the rear end.” This also allows the DeLorean to adopt a set of wide rear fenders. 
DeLorean notes that the performance EV will have no problem accelerating to 60 mph in less than three seconds.155 mph is the claimed top speed for the modern coupe.
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Origins of the DeLorean

You may recognize the DeLorean Motor Company’s time-traveling DMC-12 from the 1980s classic Back to the Future franchise. John DeLorean founded the company in 1975 in Detroit. He was also the mastermind behind the GTO and Firebird Pontiac designs. Seven years later, the company went bankrupt. 
The company’s logo and parts inventory was acquired by engineer Stephen Wynne in the mid-90s. “The revived DeLorean Motor Company that designed the Alpha5 is owned by a Texas-based DeLorean restorer that bought rights to the brand in 1995 and appears to be focused on electric models,”
Tech Crunch
Since it reopened, the DeLorean Motor Company has primarily functioned as a restoration and service company for older DeLorean vehicles. 
Italdesign created the luxuryEV, as they also had experience working on the DMC-12 back in the day. The Alpha5 is rumored to have a mix ofartificial support and advanced driver-assist systems.
Like most EVs, the cabin surrounds a couple of big screens. The first one is an instrument panel and the second is an infotainment system in the center console that rises up onto the dash.
The Alpha5 will only be sold in limited quantities. According to
Interesting Engineering
, “The first 88 of Alpha5’s will not be street legal and will have their associated NFTs. The rest of the limited production will be permitted for the roads.”
While official pricing has yet to be released, the starting cost is estimated to be in the $175,000 range. 
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