Everything You Need to Know About Land Rover Electric Cars

Land Rover doesn’t currently offer any electric cars, but they have a plug-in hybrid gearing up for release in 2023.
Written by Kaitlin May
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
While there aren’t any current electric offerings from
Land Rover
, six plug-in hybrid Range Rover models are on the horizon for 2023.
Although luxury tends to be associated with names like Ferrari, Land Rover has a distinction of its own in the world of aspirational rides. With more car figurations and modifications offered than any other manufacturer in the world, Land Rover drivers enjoy versatile vehicles that reflect their unique style and preferences. With a loyal customer base, Land Rover is ready to ride into the future with a new addition to their beloved lineup: hybrid cars.
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Does Land Rover have electric cars?

Despite Land Rover giving us a peek of an electric SUV with its Defender All-Terrain Electric prototype in 2013, there isn’t currently an electric Land Rover on the market.Developments have been made since the Defender’s teaser, culminating in the new electric offerings to come in 2024 for Land Rover lovers—but more on that later!
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How to decide if going electric is right for you

With over 2.4 million electric vehicles sold since 2010, it’s clear that the country is gaining momentum in a green direction. That doesn’t mean every driver is sold on the idea of an electric Land Rover, though. If you’re on the fence about going electric, take a minute to reflect on these questions:
  • Are charging stations accessible near you? While home charging can be a great option, you won’t want to rely solely on that to keep your car running on the road. 
  • How often do you drive? Mileage matters, especially if your odometer is clocking more than the maximum range for an EV. If your typical mileage is within the range, you’ll be good to move forward with an electric ride.
  • Do you hit the road for more than 200-300 miles frequently? Whether family lives a few cities over or your office is out of reach, drives exceeding 200-300 miles could be tough for an EV to sustain.
  • Does your home have a garage? Without storage for both your car and a charging station, the lack of space and coverage could rain on your EV parade.
  • Is towing capacity a priority for you? While the Range Rover has a hefty towing capacity of 8,200 lb, towing could shave down your EV’s driving range, so you’ll need to weigh those costs and benefits.
If you’re leaning toward getting an EV, the $7,500 federal tax credit potential you could receive for owning one might just tip the scales for you. Other benefits include
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, incentives from local and state governments, and lower operating costs. Oh, and you’ll be doing the earth a favor by driving down emissions!
Keep in mind that EVs tend to be costlier upfront and pose some logistical considerations like charging station access. But if you’ve got the budget and the resources, you might just want the 2023 Range Rover PHEV to be your next ride of choice.

Land Rover’s electric future

Good news for electric Range Rover hopefuls—Land Rover has some electric things cooking for 2024. The first EV will be released in 2024 for the 2023 model year, and
five more will be added by 2026
While there will be plug-in hybrid (PHEV) offerings that combine a petrol engine and electric motor, Land Rover’s mild hybrid vehicles (MHEV) recharge themselves with regenerative braking and deceleration, which means no charging is needed. 
Here’s the lineup you can expect:
With these new models to look forward to, there’s even better news—by 2030, all Land Rover vehicles will be electric or have an electric powertrain option.

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