Lamborghini's New EV Will Be Coming Out in 2028

The first fully-electric Lamborghini is slated to be an all-new, futuristic crossover followed by an electric-only Urus SUV.
Written by Allison Stone
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Luxury car
has revealed its first plans for a new all-electric vehicle, but you’ll have to wait until 2028 to get it. 
CEO Stephan Winkelmann spoke to
about the plans for the automaker’s new EVs. 
A transition to electric-only powertrains hasn’t been smooth sailing for brands that make sports cars, but more automakers are facing impending deadlines to reduce fleet-average CO2 emissions. 
Read along with car ownership super app Jerry as we dive into everything we know so far about the new Lamborghini EVs. 

Lamborghini’s plans for electrification

A few years ago, Lamborghini saying goodbye to gas-powered engines seemed impossible, but a recent announcement from the brand proved otherwise. 
When Lamborghini revealed plans to completely phase out gas-only vehicles, some fans rushed to buy the last of its existing fleet. Building out an electric fleet won’t be easy for brands like Lamborghini that have built its reputation around powerful combustion engines. 
Nonetheless, the brand has its sights set on an all-electric lineup by 2024. 
The brand’s push towards electrification may have come as a surprise to some, but for a low-volume brand like Lamborghini, every vehicle counts in order to meet fleet-wide emissions standards. 
The goal now is to make electric performance vehicles just as appealing as gas-powered ones. 
“There are definitions that I think no electric car in our sector has yet resolved sufficiently,” said Winkelmann, “not just acceleration and handling behavior but also responsiveness, braking feel, and multiple acceleration protocols.” 
Winkelmann went on to say that these kinds of specifics are “unproven in high-performance EVs” and “things we must spend the next years working out.”
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What we know so far about the new Lamborghini crossover

Winkelmann didn’t give too many specifics, but it's anticipated that the 2028 2+2 crossover will draw inspiration from the Lamborghini Estoque saloon concept.
The Estoque never made it to production because of the 2008 financial crisis, and instead parent company Volkswagen Group shifted Lamborghini’s focus to SUVs like the successful Urus line. 
If Lamborghini were to revive the Estoque for an EV, it would likely sit higher than the four-door saloon concept in order to make space for the floor-mounted battery pack. 
In terms of design, Lamborghini seems eager to push the envelope. Winkelmann told Autocar that the design constraints of building an EV would  “open up interesting avenues” for Lamborghini. 
The new crossover is also likely to use the same
Audi-developed Artemis platform
that also underpins Bentley’s new EVs. 
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Why automakers are moving away from gas-powered cars

In addition to following government-imposed carbon regulations, automakers are finding that consumer demand for more sustainable hybrid and electric cars is growing. 
By the end of 2024, all of Lamborghini’s models—the Aventador, Huracán and Urus—will be plug-in hybrids. 
“[Customers] are aware of the legislation and interested in the technology so long as it marries sustainability with enhanced performance from what has gone before,” said Winkelmann to Autocar. 
“That’s why [Lamborghini’s] hybridization phase is coming first: that has been digested and accepted by the customer base.”
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