This Hundred-Year-Old British Carmaker Is Now Turning to EVs

Find out how MG Motor, a British automotive icon, is changing directions and shifting toward an EV-centric selection of vehicles.
Written by Jason Crosby
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
MG Motors is about as British as James Bond, tea, and crumpets—and they’re roaring back onto the automotive scene with a vengeance. This historic brand is following industry trends, taking a fresh look at how they can advance their way into the
market—and it seems to be working out for them. God save the Queen—and the EVs. 
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MG Motor is going electric

provides details on the MG Motor changes that are underway, highlighting that EVs are going to be a huge factor in their new sales strategy. 
For several years, MG Motor has been the #1-selling car brand in the U.K., and has been looking to brands like Kia and Hyundai for inspiration. It’s somewhat of a comeback story, as MG Motor struggled in 2018 and 2019 with their vehicle sales. EVs seem to be their ticket to the top. 
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MG Motor’s interesting backstory

MG Motor started out way back in the day, in the year 1925, when the first MG models were being manufactured in the garage of Cecille Kimber. Kimber made the brand famous with the Morris Minor sports car. 
While the brand isn’t British-owned anymore, having been bought out by a Chinese conglomerate, this hasn’t been a bad thing for overall sales. It seems the MG sells better in
than it does in the British Isles. 
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MG Motor has a wide variety of vehicles 

At present, MG Motor offers a wide selection of vehicles, many of which come in both gas and electric options. We’ve highlighted the EV models as listed by
, considering MG intends on prioritizing these most in the years ahead. These EVs include:
The MG5: an EV wagon with front-wheel drive and a 198-mile battery range. It also has nearly 17 feet of cargo space and a 50.3 kWh battery capacity.
The ZS: an SUV that comes with a 273-mile battery range and has a 70 kWh nominal capacity. Other highlights include a striking mesh grille and 17-inch alloy spoked wheels that are certainly eye-catching. 
The Marvel R: perhaps the most eye-catching EV on this list, it was marketed as the world’s first all-electric station wagon. MG Motor has outfitted the Marvel R with a 250-mile battery range, and a 70 kWh battery capacity. Notably, it charges from 0-100% battery capacity in less than one hour. 
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