Honda Will Try Again to Break Into the BEV Market With the e:Ny1

Honda is breaking into the BEV market with their Honda e:Ny1. While not much is known yet about the vehicle, it’s going to be released in 2023.
Written by Serena Aburahma
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Electric cars
are probably the future of automobiles, but not every automaker thought that was going to be the case. Tesla is an automaker that was ahead of the curve. Tesla is now the biggest EV automaker in the U.S., and it continues to expand its operations
Honda was not ahead of the curve, but the company is finally embracing BEVs and the Japanese automaker will start things off again by releasing the Honda e:Ny1. Here's a look at everything
knows about the e:Ny1.

Why was Honda behind the curve in terms of BEVs?

A lot of people give Honda flak for being late to the EV party, and there's some truth and some fiction there. The fiction is that Honda isn't late, and Honda was actually one of the first automakers to make an EV. 
The thing is, Honda, as well as Toyota, invested their efforts into hydrogen-powered EVs. These cars were only sold in select places, such as California. Since Honda and Toyota focused on hydrogen, they didn't really explore the battery electric segment. 
Both automakers, however, had a lot of success with hybrids, and Honda's hybrids still sell well today. But both automakers struggled to make a BEV car that customers wanted. Honda had the Clarity Electric, but it didn't sell well and it was canceled pretty quickly.
Honda is trying again though with the e:Ny1.
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A look at the Honda e:Ny1

The Honda e:Ny1 might have a complicated name that doesn't roll off the tongue, but it seems relatively uncomplicated as a car. Its looks seem to be based on the looks of the European version of the 2022 Honda HR-V, according to
According to
, the e:Ny1 may have a 68.8-kWh  battery, and this could allow it to go about 317 miles on a full charge. The e:Ny1’s electric motor may get about 201 horsepower, which will allow it to accelerate to a top speed of about 93 mph.
Honda aims to release this EV in 2023 before the Prologue is released. The Prologue is Honda's other BEV that it's making with General Motors. These two EVs will be the first EVs in Honda's new push for
an electric future

Other interesting facts about the Honda e:Ny1

Not many more details are currently known about the Honda e:Ny1. It's not even currently known where Honda wants to sell the e:Ny1. 
Honda is building EVs for
China's thriving EV market
, and the e:Ny1 has a lot of similarities with the new EVs that Honda is introducing in China, so China is a likely market.
Honda closed down some factories in Europe, so if Honda is thinking about releasing the e:Ny1 in Europe, then it would have to be imported. It's even less clear if Honda is thinking about releasing the e:Ny1 in the U.S., and it's just something Honda fans will have to wait and see for.
In any case, Honda will probably want to invest some money to make sure that the e:Ny1 does well. The future is electric, and Honda definitely wants to secure its future by making some good electric cars.
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