A Funky New EV: The Renault Kwid

Find out about the Renault Kwid electric car—a small, economical EV based on the existing gas-powered Renault Kwid.
Written by Jason Crosby
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Renault may not be as much of a household name as GM or Ford, but as
become more popular in the future, that could very well change. Perhaps it starts with the new Renault Kwid electric car, an interesting name for a very interesting EV. 
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The Renault Kwid Electric Car

offers some crucial updates surrounding the Renault Kwid electric car. Like practically every other carmaker, Renault is taking a gander at the EV market, sizing up the competition, and looking for any weak spots to exploit or dominate with models of their own. 
That’s where the 2023 Renault Kwid electric car comes into the picture. Its purpose? To bring a level of style and class to the entry level EV sector. 
Even though an electric version of the Kwid is available in China, so far there haven’t been any other releases of this EV in other countries. So what should we expect in terms of power and pricing options? 
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Will the Kwid EV be as powerful as the gas-powered Kwid?

EVs usually have more impressive powertrains, but then again, the Renault Kwid electric car will be based on the existing Kwid, which is anything but powerful. The current Renault Kwid has two engine options, offering a meager 55 hp and 67 hp, respectively. Don’t be too disappointed, though—power isn’t really part of the Renault Kwid’s appeal. 
It’s a compact car, designed to be affordable and driveable in tight urban spaces. The EV version already being sold in China offers a battery range of 183 miles, which, depending on the car’s intended use, could be enough range for many people. 
However, for many others—especially Americans with higher battery range standards—the Renault Kwid would likely be unappealing. Since Renault no longer sells models in the U.S., we may never know. 

Which countries will the Renault Kwid electric car be available in? 

So far, Renault is focusing on expanding its EV models into markets in India over the next two years and is already selling EVs in China. 
The five countries that Renault primarily focuses on are centered in
, as it is a French-based car company. These five are France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom. It’s safe to assume that these countries will also see the debut of the Renault Kwid electric car quite soon. 

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