Everything You Need to Know About Infiniti Electric Cars

Infiniti doesn’t currently offer any electric vehicles, but Nissan’s luxury arm has teased an EV for 2025, and more down the road.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
As of 2022,
, the luxury arm of Japanese automaker
, does not have an EV for sale in the United States. However, that will change soon. Infiniti plans to build an EV sedan at Nissan’s Mississippi plant for 2025, with more EVs following in the years after.
Nissan upped the ante on the luxury scene when it introduced Infiniti, which began selling vehicles in North America in 1989. Since then, Infiniti has established itself separately from its parent as a builder of luxurious and powerful automobiles that are still within the budgets of a large number of consumers. Infiniti has yet to unveil a fully electric vehicle for sale, though it has teased an electrified future—Nissan has declared that most Infinitis will be electric by 2030, while Infiniti promises an electric sedan for 2025.
While nothing is set in stone as of yet,
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Does Infiniti have electric cars?

At the moment, Infiniti does not sell any electric vehicles in the U.S. The company does plan to release an electric sedan in 2025, though. Here’s what we know about it.

2025 Infiniti sedan EV

Infiniti will likely build an electric sedan at Nissan’s Mississippi plant in 2025. This sedan will look distinctly different from any Nissan or Infiniti you’ve seen, with a low-slung silhouette and a futuristic-yet-comforting interior. It likely will remind Infiniti-fiends of the QS Inspiration Concept car.
On the exterior, expect stunning silver or chrome, with two full-width light strips on both the front and rear of the vehicle. The vehicle will have 20-inch wheels and a rocket-like body with bold style.
The interior strikes a near-perfect fusion of futuristic design and Japanese minimalist aesthetics, emphasizing both technology and comfort. The QS Inspiration Concept is once again a good model for what we can expect, with a fully digital instrument cluster, digital climate control,and an adjustable center console. 
Infiniti’s EVs will likely have autonomous driving capabilities—possibly as early as 2026 using an amped-up version of ProPILOT,Nissan’s driver-assist technology. Infiniti’s parent company has said it hopes to equip 2.5 million vehicles with hands-free capability by 2026.
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How to decide if going electric is right for you

If you’re dying to drive an Infiniti EV, you’ll have to wait a while—but not too long, as Infiniti has earmarked 2025 as the arrival date for its electric sedan. But you’ll have to ask yourself a few questions about driving an electric car that you likely hadn’t thought about while driving a gas-powered vehicle. 
  • Can you access public charging stations? A home charging station will be a must if you go electric, but once you’re on the road, you might need to charge up. Knowing where you can do so will be essential.
  • How many miles per day do you drive? Range anxietyis a thing for EV drivers—if your daily driving range is reasonably short, then an EV could make sense for you.
  • Do you take long trips? An EV will get you around town without a problem. But if you’re a fan of long, summer road trips, you’re going to have to have a plan about where you can charge up while on the road.
  • Does your home have a garage? You’ll need to install a home charging station, but if you park on the street, that will likely be impossible!
  • Do you need towing capacity? If you like to haul stuff, you’ll need to make sure the EV you’re eyeing is up to the task—because not all of them are.
It is likely Infiniti’s electric sedan will likely qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit plus state and local perks that are available for EV buyers. Another benefit you’ll likely get from an Infiniti EV? A smooth, quiet,and pollution-free ride—not to mention looking like one cool cat
You should know—buying an Infiniti electric will likely mean paying higher upfront costs. However, you’ll save a ton of money not buying gas,so that’s a win!

Infiniti’s electric future

As mentioned, an electric Infiniti sedan will likely be available in 2025—but the company has also teased an electric coupe and an electric SUV. Infiniti hasn’t confirmed potential arrival dates for those vehicles, but you can expect a coupe that’s sporty, aerodynamic, and lightweight for optimum efficiency. An electric SUV will be larger and more practical, but will likely offer longer range and more space.
Infiniti's electric fleet will likely come with all-wheel drive courtesy of Nissan’s e-4ORCE,the company’s dual-motor all-wheel-drive technology. There’s a motor for the front wheel and another for the rear set.

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