Aggressive EV Legislation Would Ban Gas Cars in Washington State by 2030

California has declared it will ban the sale of gas cars in 2035, but Washington State is taking things a step farther. They’ve promised to ban new gas cars by 2030, the only other state to create such a ban.
Written by Hannah DeWitt
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Demand for
electric cars
is sure to surge now that Washington has become the first state to move to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2030.
While California previously passed legislation to end new gas vehicle sales by 2035, Washington's action likely will lead to other states moving quickly. As more states take action, the
electric car market
will heat up even more rapidly.
Expansion of the EV charging grid also must match the demand created by these targets, further fueling the EV market as more consumers will make the switch as they feel comfortable being able to find a place to charge their vehicles.

How does Washington's legislation affect gas cars?

Washington's Clean Cars 2030 was passed as part of a $17 billion transportation bill that was signed into law on March 25, 2022, by Governor Jay Inslee. The intent is that no new gas cars be registered with the state by the 2030 model year, according to
, a non-profit that helped lobby for the legislation. This would effectively ban the sale of new gas cars by the fall of 2029, when the new model year rolls out.
The bill establishes an interagency council that is tasked with developing a plan by the end of this year to implement the legislation's goals. The bill also refers to the goal as a "target," rather than a mandate, so the timeframe could shift if 2030 proves impossible.
The council is expected to develop incentives for consumers to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles and for developers to expand the EV charging network in the state to ensure it can meet the growing demand.
The legislation only applies to new vehicles, so used gas cars could continue to be sold and traded in the state beyond 2030.
Other states also are taking note of the legislation in Washington and California. The Rhode Island Legislature is considering a bill similar to Washington's.
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Not Washington's first effort to boost electric cars

Washington state Rep. Nicole Macri introduced the Clean Cars 2030 legislation in 2020. That bill passed through the House Transportation Committee, but was left untouched when the legislative session was cut short by the pandemic.
The bill was revived in 2021 and was approved by the Washington House and Senate. However, Gov. Inslee vetoed that version because it included a road usage tax (or mileage tax) that would have paid some costs of the transition, which he opposed, according to
Green Car Reports
By combining the Clean Cars 2030 legislation with the transportation bill and eliminating the road usage tax, backers virtually assured its passage in 2022 and Gov. Inslee's support.

What Clean Cars 2030 means for Washington

Backers of the legislation were able to point to many advantages of quick action that increased support:
  • Incentives could help lower-income residents purchase the more-costly electric vehicles and save money in the long run because EVs are less expensive to operate and maintain.
  • Utilities could expand electricity output with the confidence demand will rise.
  • Automakers know they will have a growing demand for electric cars.
  • Developers will have incentives to build rapid charging stations across the state, not just in metropolitan areas.
  • Emission will greatly decrease. 

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