Electrify America Introduces ‘Hyper-Fast Charging’ and ‘Power Sharing’—But What Exactly Does This Mean for EV owners?

Learn more about Electrify America’s new customer options, ”hyper-fast charging” and “power sharing”, as we explain what these terms mean and what benefits they offer to EV owners.
Written by Jason Crosby
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Electrify America recently revealed new charging terminology to accompany a design restructure, which includes new charging speeds.
owners can now take advantage of “hyper-fast charging” speeds and “power-sharing” options. These terms sound exciting, but it takes a little bit of digging in order to understand what Electrify America is actually offering us. 
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Electrify America reveals new charging options for EV owners

indicates that these new charging options from Electrify America come from a redesigned DC charging station
The new stations have longer cables, up to 18 ft long, in order to reach either side of a parked EV. The charging stations have new nomenclature to distinguish them from competitors, most notably, “hyper-fast charging”. 
"Hyper-fast", will refer to 350-kW stations, while “ultra-fast” will refer to 150-kW stations. The charging stations will also be differentiated by lightning bolt symbols—Electrify America’s 150-kW stations will have two lightning bolts, and 350-kW stations will have three. 
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Electrify America’s ‘power sharing’ explained

“Power sharing” is the other new option from Electrify America, and it’s almost as intuitive as it sounds. The feature is pretty simple: Two EVs on a single hyper-fast charging station will have 350 kW of potential power available, meaning that the charging station will find a way to charge both vehicles at a consistent rate. 
Power sharing doesn’t require both EVs to be plugged in at the same time, though. As the first vehicle grows closer to 100%
battery capacity
, the station will send more power to the second vehicle. 
When Electrify America customers are utilizing the new option, the station’s display will show three blurred lightning bolts. Electrify America’s power sharing option is useful, but it’s smarter for EV drivers to park alone when there are multiple open stalls. That way, they’ll be guaranteed the charging station’s full capacity. 
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What other new features will Electrify America’s chargers have?

Electrify America's next-generation chargers feature a brighter informational screen that reduces the glare from sunlight. There are also longer, single connector cables with an all-new pulley system, which means drivers can plug into their EV no matter where the charging port is. 
Electrify America has also gone to great lengths to feature a reduced energy footprint for both the charger and power cabinets, making them smaller and more efficient. This should allow for more charging stations to be constructed in the space-constrained, urban locales that EV drivers navigate daily.

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