Electricfy America Is Looking to Class-Up the Charging Station Experience

Electricfy America is changing the charging experience by having innovative features at their charging stations and using renewable energy.
Written by Serena Aburahma
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Electricfy America (EA) is fast becoming a fundamental driver of the
electric vehicle
infrastructure in the United States. To date, this company has over 800 charging stations and more than 3,500 fast EV chargers. 
Most automakers are considering partnering with this company when launching new EVs in the market.
After a few years of establishing charging stations in the U.S., Electricfy America is improving its infrastructure to create
charging stations
of the future. Dive in and find more information about how EA is transforming the charging station experience and the best way
to insure
your EV.

What's driving the new changes?

Electricfy America’s primary goal is to enhance the adoption of zero-emission vehicles in the U.S. The company aims at creating charging stations for EVs that rely on electricity from renewable resources to help reduce emissions.
Based on a press release from
Electricfy America,
the company's core mandate is to reinvent its charging stations to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers. These recent changes are built on the foundation of its reliable network and ultra-fast EV chargers. 
The new EV charging stations are inviting, comfortable, well-lit, and safe 24/7. With its new network of modern charging stations, EA will make transitioning from gas-powered vehicles to EVs more appealing. This new technology will enable EV owners to find charging better than refueling. 
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Charging into the future with Electricfy America

You can charge your EV with electricity from solar generation with innovative EA charging stations. Some of these stations combine the power from the grid, solar panels, and on-site storage to offer fast DC charging. 
The overhead solar canopies also help shield EV drivers from the sun and other weather elements. Solar energy charging is also helping to lower energy-related emissions. 
In some Electrify America EV charging stations, such as Barker, California, you find large solar panels that shield your vehicles from the elements of weather as you charge. Some of these solar canopies also channel energy back to the grid. 
Charging electrical vehicles requires lots of power; that's why Electricfy America is looking at alternative sources of electricity for its electrical charging stations. 
According to
Green Car Reports
, the
Volkswagen Group
charging network plans to install over 150 on-site battery storage systems to reduce strain on the electrical grid during peak charging times.
In addition, the solar awnings will also help to supplement these battery storage systems. Its new stations incorporate energy and cost-saving technologies to offer simpler, faster, and more comfortable charging experiences. 
With these energy storage systems, the company can tap excess solar energy and make it available for charging EVs. 
Electricfy America also plans to add waiting areas in the charging stations to offer EV drivers an alternative to sitting in their cars. Other features that will help to enhance customer experience include additional lighting and security cameras. 
With these innovations, EV owners will feel secure even when charging at night.

Key innovations improving Electrify America charging stations

Electricfy America is adopting several technologies to offer unique EV charging experiences to its clients. Since its crop of 350 kW chargers is one of its key selling points, the company is introducing several changes to correct inefficiencies in these gadgets. 
The charging stations also include brighter human-machine interface (HMI) screens that help to minimize glare from sunlight, allowing users can view the charging process and user instructions better.
EA charging stations have award-winning liquid-cooled cables that have been developed in the company's center of excellence. As you know, high-power charging emits heat, thus the need for cooling. EA's liquid-cooled cables permit higher amperage charging without the need to increase the cable thickness. 
Another innovation driving the new charging stations is the plug-and-charge technology. This technology helps simplify payment methods and lets EV drivers do transactions without a wallet or opening an app.  
To ensure the effectiveness of the plug and charge technology, Electricfy America conducts compatibility testing with automakers to offer a seamless charging experience. 

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