Electric Car Charging Stations in Kentucky

With over 300 public charging stations for your EV, the Louisville-Jefferson area of Kentucky is the most electric car-friendly in the state.
Written by Abbey Orzech
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
There are public charging stations all across Kentucky, including the slower and lower Level 1 wall chargers all the way up to Tesla Superchargers. Use an EV charging station map to find the one closest to you. 
Electric vehicles were few and far between when they first entered the consumer market, but now they are more popular than ever! Today, you’ll find all-electric or hybrid electric vehicles on every major roadway throughout the country, with public charging stations to go with them. 
Kentucky’s public charging locations are plentiful, so finding a place to “fill up” your EV away from home won’t be too difficult. Here to give you an idea of the resources available to you as an electric vehicle owner in Kentucky is
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Where to find electric vehicle charging stations in Kentucky

You can simply Google an electric vehicle charging station near you, but for that search to be the most effective, you’ll need a little more information. To find a charger that will suit your needs, first identify the level of charging equipment your EV will require:
  • Level 1: 120 volts, this type of charger can be found in a household outlet and may take upwards of 40 hours to complete a full charge; best for plug-in hybrids
  • Level 2:  220 volts with a charge time between four and eight hours; best for at-home charging 
  • Level 3: DC fast chargers, charging an average EV at about 20 miles per minute; best for long commutes and road trips
  • Tesla Supercharger: Tesla’s own DC fast charger, getting an EV up to 200 miles in 15 minutes
Kentucky’s public chargers are mostly Level 2 or Tesla Superchargers, but you can still find Level 1 and 3 chargers peppered throughout the state. There are several public EV charger maps available for you to find the appropriate charger nearest you:
  • ChargeHub
    : Lists Level 1, Level 2, DCFC (Level 3), and Tesla Supercharger stations
  • PlugShare:
    Shows pricing, user reviews, and parking information 

Kentucky cities with the most EV charging stations

City Area
Total number of public charging stations
DCFC stations
Tesla stations
Free stations
Bowling Green
Elizabethtown-Fort Knox
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How much does it cost to charge an electric car in Kentucky?

Charging an electric vehicle is typically cheaper than filling up a gas tank and may even be free! However, many public charging stations will cost you—and the price varies based on your location, the level of the charger and your battery size
Level 1 chargers are the cheapest option since you can usually use them for free. Even when they’re not free, though, they use the least expensive charging equipment and will cost on average between $1.50 to $14 for a full charge.
As you might expect, the costs begin to get more expensive for the more powerful charger levels. Level 2 chargers are likely to cost you between $8 and $40 for a fill-up, but your battery size, exact location, and the length of the charge will affect your bill by the end of it. 
The Level 3 DC fast chargers work the quickest to get you a full charge and cost something similar to Level 2 chargers. Most will charge you by the minute or hour, or by the amount of electricity used (kWh). On average, charge-up costs sit around $0.35 per kWh, leaving you to pay between $10 and $30 for a full charge. 
If possible, check out the charging location you’re considering before showing up with an empty battery. Some locations require you to pay for parking while you’re charging and it will be nice to know about the added expense before arriving. You should also look into membership options with charging locations near you for potential discounts. 
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Kentucky electric vehicle incentives

Kentucky is one of just 10 US states that do not offer electric vehicle incentives for EV drivers within their borders. 
Don’t let this stop you from purchasing your dream EV in the Bluegrass State, though! Just because no incentive currently exists for buying an electric car doesn’t mean Kentucky won’t catch up sometime in the future. Plus, you’re still likely to save significant money on fuel costs by switching to an all-electric car or plug-in hybrid! 

How to save on electric car insurance in Kentucky

Without the electric vehicle incentive offered by most of the states in the US, you may be hesitant to dive into EVs. You may be even more turned off when you catch sight of the high average repair costs of some of the major electric manufacturers (like the Tesla Model 3’s nearly $3,000 a year) or the raised
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