Electric Car Charging Stations in Georgia

There are 4,164 publicly available EV charging stations in Georgia—but thanks to a $135-million federal investment, there’s about to be a ton more.
Written by Matt Nightingale
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
As of October 2022, there are 4,164 publicly-available electric vehicle charging stations in the state of Georgia—and that number will be going up very soon!
On September 14, 2022, the Federal Highway Administration approved the Georgia Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment Plan (NEVI), a program meant to expand Georgia’s EV charging infrastructure in conjunction with the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program. When all is said and done, Georgia will see $135 million invested into the state’s electric vehicle infrastructure.
That’s great news, but what does Georgia’s electric vehicle landscape look like currently?
In this article,
, that
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and EV expert, explores the present and future of Georgia’s electric vehicle framework. We’ll look at how much it costs to charge up your electric vehicle in Georgia, how to find a charging station near you, and we’ll show you how to save money on your electric vehicle
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Where to find electric vehicle charging stations in Georgia

If you need to find an electric vehicle charging station, the first thing you’ll need to know is what kind of electric vehicle charging station you need.
There are four types of EV chargers:
  • Level 1: This level uses standard 120-volt household electrical outlets. Charging from these sources can take over 24 hours.
  • Level 2:  Level 2 charging uses dedicated 240-volt electrical outlets, like the kind you plug your home oven into. Charging at these stations can take between 4 and 8 hours, and can be done conveniently overnight.
  • Level 3: Level 3 chargers—AKA DC fast chargers—operate at 480 volts and can bring a depleted battery back to 80% in around 20 minutes. DC fast chargers require special charging equipment.
  • Tesla Supercharger: Tesla has developed its own DC fast charger meant specifically for Tesla model EVs. Non-Tesla models can also use these stations, though they may need a special adapter.
All levels of chargers are publicly available in Georgia, but Level 2 chargers are the most common in the Peach State. DC fast charger availability is growing rapidly, however, and federal funding acquired through the NEVI is contingent on the building of more DC fast charging stations along Georgia’s designated Alternative Fuel Corridors.
You can find charging locations in Georgia by using online maps and apps such as: 
  • ChargeHub
    : An interactive map that allows users to review electric car charging stations and report problems. 
  • PlugShare
    : This app shows EV charging locations across the US along with reviews and pricing.

Georgia cities with the most EV charging stations

Total number of public charging stations
DCFC stations
Tesla stations
Free stations
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell
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How much does it cost to charge an electric car in Georgia?

Charging up your EV and PHEV is significantly cheaper than filling up a tank with gasoline, and with gas prices soaring to never-before-seen heights, many people are turning to electric and hybrid vehicles for relief.
Exactly how much you’ll pay when you charge up your vehicle depends on where you are, what level of charger you use, how much charging you do, and how big your car’s battery is.
Publicly-available Level 1 charging stations are the hardest to come by, but they are very often free to use. In the odd case that they are not free, they still don’t usually cost very much—depending on how much charging you do, you’ll likely pay somewhere between $1.50 and $14.00. You can still find Level 1 charging stations in places like the Sheraton Hotel in
, and the Atlanta International Airport.
Level 2 chargers are the most common chargers available in Georgia. Free Level 2 chargers are also available, but they are rare. You’ll usually have to pay for Level 2 charging, and your total bill will depend either on how much electricity you use or how long you charge for. 
Electrify America
—a private company that operates charging stations across the country—charges $0.03 per minute for Level 2 charging, but stations that charge by the kWh charge the same rate as DC fast charging, which can vary from station to station. A one-hour charge shouldn’t cost you much more than $10, but if you plug in overnight at, say, a hotel parking lot, you’ll likely pay more.
DC fast charging locations are widely available in Georgia, and the network is set to grow even larger as the state moves ahead with its $135 million Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment plan. Currently, Electrify America charges an average of $0.16 per minute for vehicles capable of accepting up to 90 kW and $0.32 per minute for vehicles that can accept up to 350 kW. Prices vary from location to location.
There can be extra hidden costs to charging. For example, some stations charge a parking fee. On the other hand, if you have a membership, you might pay less than non-members. Electrify America only charges $0.12 per minute for members whose cars accept up to 90 kW and $0.24 per minute for members whose cars accept up to 350 kW.
MORE: Georgia electric vehicle incentives

Georgia electric vehicle incentives

Georgia is making a big move toward creating sustainable infrastructure for electric vehicles, and they’ve introduced a few incentive programs to help people make the switch to EVs.
Georgia Power—the state’s largest public utility—offers a $250 rebate for homeowners who have installed or are about to install a Level 2 EV charge point between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2022. The state also offers a tax credit to businesses that install a publicly-accessible EV charging station in the amount of 10% or $2,500, whichever is lower.
Georgia Power also offers a special Plug-in Electric Vehicle rate. EV owners can save money by charging their vehicles during super off-peak hours between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. 
In addition to these initiatives, Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources offers a $2,500 tax credit for vehicles that have been retrofitted for full use of an alternative clean-energy fuel source, including battery-powered electricity (plug-in EVs do not qualify for this tax credit).
Unfortunately, unlike California or Oregon, Georgia does not offer a state tax credit for people who purchase EVs or PHEVs. On the federal level, however, Georgians who purchase an all-electric or plug-in hybrid built after 2010 may qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500.

How to save on electric car insurance in Georgia

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