Consumer Reports Says the Polestar 2’s Range Prediction Is ‘Overly Optimistic’

According to Consumer Reports, following the Polestar 2’s in-unit range prediction display could leave stuck without a charge. 
Written by Allison Stone
Reviewed by Serena Aburahma
Polestar 2
is one of the hottest
new cars
on the market, but as with many new things, you never know quite what you’re getting into. 
The reviews from buyers are in, and
Consumer Reports
(CR) has noted that not all may be as advertised with the Polestar 2, citing that the in-car range prediction display was often inaccurate. 
Read on with the car ownership experts at Jerry to learn more about areas where the Polestar 2 may have fallen short of expectations. 

Where the Polestar 2 is lacking

The Polestar 2 is a hatchback from Volvo’s electric vehicle sub-brand, but unlike much of Volvo’s impressive and well-engineered fleet, the Polestar 2 has failed to meet expectations in a few ways. 
The EPA-rated driving range of 249 miles is about average for an EV, but still lower than that of the less-expensive Chevy Bolt or any of Tesla’s 300+ mile range models. Still, it’s not bad. 
In a real-world road test, however,
found that the Polestar 2’s range was even less than that and that the in-vehicle range-prediction display was ‘overly optimistic.’ Factors like cold weather, heavy winds, or sustained high speeds can quickly eat into an EV’s range, and Polestar’s system seemingly failed to account for that. 
Charging the battery was another issue, as charging from 14% took over 10 hours on a 240-volt connection, while charging from empty took almost 13. 
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Is the Polestar 2 worth it?

There are some things to love about the Polestar 2. The EV has great, glued-to-the-road handling and lightning-fast acceleration, but these characteristics aren’t necessarily unique to Polestar. 
Electric cars operate via a highly efficient electric motor, which allows them to achieve really impressive torque numbers. 
They are also often built with the heaviest component of the car—the battery—being built into the floor. This gives them excellent balance and handling because there’s so little risk of body roll. 
As far as price range goes, the Polestar 2’s pricing is inoffensive. At $45,900 - $49,900, it’s not the cheapest EV on the market, but it’s nowhere near being the most expensive either. 
The Polestar 2 received a score of 56 overall, but given its range issues, it still scored well on owner satisfaction overall. 75% of Polestar 2 owners said they would buy it again. 
Similar EVs that received a higher overall score include the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Tesla Model 3, and Ford Mustang Mach-E.

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