Chevy’s Electric Silverado Might Not Be a ‘True’ Silverado

Chevy recently revealed more information about the electric SIlverado. But after pouring over the details of the truck, it might not be a true Silverado.
Written by Ru Chen
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
A blue Chevy Silverado EV on display.
Chevy has recently revealed exciting details about the
Silverado. Interestingly, this fully electric
may not be a ‘true’ Silverado, due to its differences from the original Silverado. 

The surprising details of the electric Chevy Silverado

During CES 2022, General Motors (GM) revealed its new electric pick-up truck: the Chevy Silverado EV. 
According to
Kelly Blue Book
, the Silverado EV isn’t actually built on the same platform as the original, best-selling Chevy Silverado (despite being marketed as its electric version). 
Surprisingly, the electric Silverado shares a platform with GM’s first electric truck, the
GMC Hummer EV
It isn’t unheard of for Chevy to do this, as other brands have done the same thing. For example, the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra are essentially the same truck, except with different badging. 
Thus, in a way, one might not consider this electric Silverado to be a true Silverado. 
So exactly how good will this Silverado EV be? After all, so long as the electric Silverado works and works well, it is unlikely for most people to care what exact platform it is built on. 
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What we know so far about the Chevy Silverado EV 

The electric Silverado will have two trim levels (at least to begin with). 
The first bare-bones trim level will start at around $39,900 (not including the unknown destination charge). The more luxurious trim will start at a steep increase of $105,000. 
Both trims come with a 4-door and 5-passenger configuration. The Silverado will have two electric motors and standard four-wheel drive.
Chevy estimates the truck will have a range of 400 miles, though this number is still unverified by the EPA. 
The electric Silverado looks quite different from other Silverado’s. It lacks a traditional grille, making it look less brash than its gas counterpart.
According to KBB, the Silverado EV will gain more trim levels in 2025. But the electric 2024 Silverado is entering the field with plenty of competition already. 
The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning starts at $39,974, so the Silverado EV would certainly be judged against the Ford truck. 
In addition, startup Rivian motors delivered an electric pickup truck just last year, and Ram is also promising an electric Ram 1500 by 2024. 

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