What Is the Maximum BMW i4 Range?

The BMW i4 has a maximum driving range of 301 miles, but the sporty M50 trim can only go 245 miles on a full charge.
Written by Zachary Morgan
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
For a
2022 BMW i4
, the maximum driving range is 301 miles for the eDrive40 model or 245 miles for the M50 model.
Introduced in 2021, the i4 represents a step by
into the next era of automobiles, one defined by sustainability, low emissions, and cutting-edge technology. The i4 is equipped with either a single (eDrive40) or dual (M50) rear-mounted electric motor, powered by an 83.9-kWh battery, as well as all the luxury and performance features found on most BMWs.
How much range does the i4 offer, though, and how does it measure against the competition?
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2022 BMW i4 range

The maximum driving range for a 2022 BMW i4 is a fairly impressive 301 miles. This range is achieved by the
trim, which is equipped with the standard 83.9-kWh battery that powers a single rear-mounted 335-hp electric motor.
On the other hand, the sportier M50 trim boasts dual electric motors with a combined output of 469 hp. This focus on performance comes at the cost of driving range, though, and the M50 is only rated for around 245 miles on a single charge.
Comparatively, the i4 sits around the upper middle ground of EVs. It has more range than the
Chevrolet Bolt
(259 miles) and roughly the same range as the
Kia EV6
(310 miles) but lags behind the
Tesla Model 3
(358 miles).
It’s easy to get lost in all the numbers being thrown around, but studies indicate that the average commute in the U.S. is only 16 miles. This means that you could theoretically make it through an entire workweek without having to charge your i4!

2022 BMW i4 charging time and fuel economy

Aside from driving range, charging time is another important factor to look into if you’re interested in EVs. 
The i4 has a 200-kilowatt charging capacity that is supposed to be able to add between 88 and 100 miles to the range on just a 10-minute charge. With a Level 2 charger, the i4 can charge from 0% to 100% in a little under eight hours.
In terms of fuel economy, there is a notable difference between the eDrive40 and M50 trims, once again due to the different motor setup and sport orientation on the M50. The eDrive40 is rated at 109 MPGe city and 108 MPGe highway, while the M50 is a bit lower at 79 MPGe city and 80 MPGe highway.
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How does the BMW i4 compare to its competitors?

Looking at the competition, the BMW i4 is somewhere in the upper middle of the pack. It has a good driving range and all the luxury bells and whistles you would expect from a BMW, but it’s not nearly as affordable as the majority of the competition.
Let’s take a look at some of the other EVs the i4 competes against:
Starting price
Driving range
Level 2 charging time
0 to 60 time
Average annual repair cost
IIHS rating
2022 BMW i4
245 to 301 miles
8 hours
3.7 seconds
Audi Q4 E-Tron
241 miles
4 to 10 hours
7.6 seconds
Volkswagen ID.4
245 to 280 mi battery-only
7.5 hours
7.6 seconds
IIHS 2022 Top Safety Pick+ / Good
2022 Chevrolet Bolt
259 miles
2.3 hours
6.7 seconds
2022 Kia EV6
310 miles
7 hours
4.5 seconds
2022 Tesla Model 3
272 to 358 miles
8 hours
4.1 seconds
Good (Top Safety Pick+)
As you can see, the i4 remains a competitive EV choice when judged against the competition, although at a significantly higher cost.

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At 301 miles, the eDrive40 trim is the i4 model with the longest driving range.
Not likely, given that it was just introduced last year. In July of 2021, though, BMW did cease production of the electric
i3 hatchback
, thanks to its dissatisfying performance for its high price tag.
Out of the two i4 trims, the sporty M50 is the more expensive option, starting at around $67,000. It has a smaller range, but
Car and Driver
considers it a hit worth taking in order to enjoy the extra power and performance-based features.
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