An Awesome Future Is Ahead of Us: Charging Your Electric Car With a Robot

Ziggy is a mobile robot made to help people charge their EVs in parking lots, which solves many of the issues with stationary chargers.
Written by Serena Aburahma
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
electric vehicles
become more popular, there are ever-growing concerns about charging stations. Where can you find them and how do you use them? Are there enough charging stations? How much does it cost to charge your EV or is there a free way to charge? And what happens if you get to a charging station and all the ports are full?
Well, one startup company out of Los Angeles thinks they have a solution to this dilemma. Jerry, the
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, has all the info you need to know about EV Safe Charge and their robot Ziggy.

What does Ziggy the robot do?

EV Safe Charge has come up with an answer to at least one of these problems and possibly more. Enter Ziggy, a robot that can charge your EV for you while you shop around or eat out.
Ziggy is an alternative charging method to standard EV charging stations because it’s a mobile robot.
To use Ziggy, you download the app and reserve a numbered parking spot. Ziggy then arrives to charge your car! 
While the robot can’t unplug or plug in your car for you, there is a major pro to using the robot for many electric vehicle owners. 
If a driver wants to use Ziggy the cost can be based on the amount of time it’s being used which would discourage some drivers from hogging up chargers all day. Though some parking lots may provide this changing service for free.
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The robot’s features and going about getting one

Ziggy the robot has a battery for charging other cars that is about the size of a refrigerator, has cameras on all sides, and independently driven wheels. With all these features, and moving at slow speeds, the robot is an
autonomous vehicle
that can navigate between locations. 
Ziggy also features two touch screens that can show advertisements or parking lot maps, which is not only handy but can bring in additional revenue.
Parking lots can lease Ziggy, meaning that the maintenance of the robot will be taken care of by EV Safe Charge. On top of this, for any larger events, many robots can be leased.
Though a charging station for the robot has to be installed, EV Safe Charge has simplified the annoying processes of stationary chargers for drivers and property owners.
The company recently allowed people to reserve their Ziggys but their production won’t start until 2023 with shipments going out from late 2023 to 2024. 

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